Raya Island or Racha Island “The King of Islands Andaman Sea “is a beautiful island. In addition to the shallow coral reefs that are still beautiful Here, there are still white sand beaches which are another prominent point of this place. And with a peaceful and natural atmosphere This place therefore becomes another very popular place.

Koh Racha

Racha Island also has many bays including Thu Bay, Siam Bay, Pak Tok Bay and Khon Khae Bay for tourists who like white sand and clear blue water. The popular bay that must be visited is Siam Bay and Pak Tok Bay Because here has a long and beautiful curved beach But if wanting to stay in peace and quiet, have to go to Ao Ao and Ao Tu Which has no ships or crowded tourists And a place for diving, suggesting to go to Khon Kaen bay

Bulon Island



Ko Bulon
“The wholesome nature of the Andaman Sea” is an archipelago of the southern Andaman Sea of Thailand. And this island is still beautiful nature. In addition, here also has a simple way of life for the sea gypsies for tourists to experience as well. It is an island that is suitable for relaxation for those who want tranquility and privacy.

Ko Bulon

For those staying overnight, this should not be missed by the morning sunrise at the bay in front of the island. Because it would be the most romantic thing in addition to nature on Bulon Island Can also choose to travel to other islands The surrounding area is not too far away, such as Bulon Lay Island, Bulon Don Island Lon Island Bamboo Located in the National Marine Park Area Petra Which is equally beautiful

Koh Mook



Koh Muk

Here is the nickname “The Precious Emerald Cave of Andaman” is the 3rd largest island of Trang sea. In addition, Ko Mook also has beautiful beaches. And most of the foreigners like to spend the night together for many nights because of the peaceful atmosphere And private

Koh Muk

In addition to the beautiful beach Ko Mook also has the feature of the “Emerald Cave”, a small water cave which is about 80 meters in length. Visitors must float through the darkness to enter the cave and only during low tide. Inside the sea cave, there will be emerald-like emerald green, extremely beautiful.

Boon Rawd Farm Singha Park

Chiang Rai’s most well-known tourist attractions and can be considered a landmark that everyone must check in to, namely Boon Rawd Farm or Singha Park. This will look like an open space with activity courtyard.

Many tourists to come to enjoy the fun fully. Which will have animal feeding activities, cycling, including thrilling chip-line activities That you can choose to have fun If anyone wants to come to have fun activities If you have already played it, you shouldn’t miss it here.

Phu Chi Fah

When talking about traveling to Chiang Rai, you can’t miss this with Phu Chi Fah. Popular natural attractions that are full of tourists. Which traveled to admire the beauty of the sea of mist

And the green mountains Along with the cold air that gives the most romantic atmosphere Can sit and enjoy the view of the Laos side. The nature of this Phu Chee Fah will look like a cliff at the top of a pointed cape in the sky. Therefore resulting in the present name

True love … Don’t leave Lee Tong.

รักจริง...อย่าทิ้ง อีต่อง
On the hillside that has been modified into a helicopter park The cold wind and dazzling fog covered the morning. From this point, you can admire the mountains that surround the village in the middle of the Thai-Burmese landscape, which everyone wants to come to enjoy the fresh air, experience the beautiful peaceful life in the small village.

“Koh Lipe”, the most bang sea, clear water, fascinated

“เกาะหลีเป๊ะ” ทะเลสุดปัง น้ำใส ปิ๊ง ปิ๊ง

Inviting to the island for 2 days 1 night at “Lipe” Satun Province with a relaxing trip on a small island south of the Andaman Sea. With the beauty of the clear blue sea Soft white sand And abundant nature waiting for everyone to experience


After leaving Tarutao National Park Continue traveling for about 30 minutes. This time we reach the second stop, which is “Khai Island”. Here are some highlights to go to. “Through the stone arch” which the villagers believe that Any lover has passed through the stone arch Will fulfill in love Happy in the life of a long-time love and have children full of children, grandchildren, full of cities


Blue Tree Phuket, Review of the ocean simulating crystal clear water And a full set of water sports equipment

Blue Tree Phuket รีวิวมหาสมุทรจำลองน้ำใสราวกับคริสตัล และเครื่องเล่นทางน้ำจัดเต็ม

Going to jump and play at Blue Tree Phuket? Newly opened water park that is unique like no other. Designed to resemble the ocean The water in the pool is clear and clean with world-class technology. It is known as the Crystal Ocean. Today Sanook travel will take everyone to explore that in Blue Tree Phuket there is something very interesting.


Learning Center for Life and Spirit of Thai Farmers

Nahia use or learn the way of life and spirit of Thai farmers. It is another important tourist attraction in Suphan Buri province, which combines interesting stories and new knowledge in the way

of farmers who are valuable to study and learn. Build up loyalty and Realize the merit of King Rama IX, the King that works hard for the Thai people. The highlight of the visit to the learning center is to see the beautiful rice fields. That grows into various shapes such as the map of Thailand Or the cultivation of

green rice alternating with black rice plants by converting them into different shapes as well.