Khanom Nakhon

I have heard a city that does not rotate time. A small town full of charms. Lanna culture mixed with neighbor culture. This is a unique place.

“Lampang” is one that has never been to or through the province. I’ve heard a long time ago. This is my chance to bring myself through. From Phrae to Lampang to Lampang to the destination is “Chiang Mai”, but I decided to visit the charm of Lampang before even a little time.

Loei Dream Destination

Phu Ruea Phu Kradueng is considered one of the peak to visit. I have to conquer it once in my life. Each year, many tourists come to Loei. Travel around the area such as Chiang Khan, Phu Kradung Phu Kradueng, Phu Loon, so that the atmosphere in the city is quite quiet, as the center of the province’s main transportation.

This time we would like to recommend a place to say that it is beautiful, not far away from the city. Here is the sunrise. And a beautiful morning mist. In the evening, we can also watch the sunset and the night view of the city that is lit up instead. It is also very suitable if you want to try to grow up. And the availability of the body before the real field. The place we are talking about is. “Phu Bo Twisted Forest Park”

Thai style locally Trad Trad Do not repeat it!

I have a good sea. Today we will take friends. Let’s go to the community. I do not know what to do. Each one is equally interesting. It is another eco-tourism in Thailand as well!
This trip we will go 3 days 2 nights departure from Bangkok. Head to Trat. It takes 5 hours to reach Trat. We want to know more than ever. So start this trip. “Trat City Museum”
The old town hall was renovated to showcase the history of Trat. The exhibition features the natural and cultural heritage of Trat province. Trat ethnic group show From past to present
Trat City Museum
Location: Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Mueang, Trat
Trad Coordinates:

After visiting the Museum of Trat. It’s all right At lunch time. This is a cool shop.

Noodle Soup
Small shop that taste really not. Especially the noodles soup with custard. The customer has to order all the customers to become the source of the store.
Noodle Soup
Location: 14 Moo 4, Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Mueang, Trat, Trat, Thailand.
Tel: 087 133 2945

Community of Ban Laem Klad
Ban Laem Klang Tourism Community More than 12,000 rai of mangrove forest.
Activities Community of Ban Laem Klad Learn how to make grapes or artificial seagrass. We will let the water into the nest for the young fish. This activity is the local fishermen’s wisdom that uses local materials in the area. To deal with the problem of marine resources.
Ban Laem Klad
Location: Tambon Laem Phrad, Amphoe Mueang Trat, Trat 23000
Contact us for more information: 080-191-3169 Adult Ravi, 089-095-1588 Khun Somnuk
Facebook: Ban Laem Klang Community Tour

Fishing Community
Go to the fisherman community. To visit the landscape of old houses on both sides of the wooden canal. And fishermen way
Learn how to make a traditional fishing boat.
Then take a boat to watch the mangrove forests, crabs, woods, clams, charcoal, see the fireflies, the habitat of the animals are very rich.
During the cruise. The twilight begins to light up. Get to know the nature is still abundant. When we return to the village, there is fresh seafood and local food awaiting us.
Activity Contact: 039-691-095 Tambon Administrative Organization, 087-136-6375 Mr.Mon

It’s time to travel to the sea resort resort is a beautiful new resort next to the sea, perfect for a holiday with lovers. And family very much.
Sea Breeze Resort
Location: Klong Yai District, Klong Yai, Trat
Tel: 061 662 6166

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Check out the hotel and head to Ao Yai. An agricultural learning resource. And life style with beautiful landscaping. And touch events Coconut House in Ao Yai
It is a good opportunity to grow coconuts themselves. “Early in Life”
Watch the demonstration of coconut. And scoop coconut with coconut grater. I do not know what to do. It’s going to be fun.
And coconut processing to menu. “Ancient Coconut Rice” is the local menu of the community of Ao Yai, he said that it was not to be missed.
This time we put together here. Only with coconut-based vegetarian menu, let’s try it. The menu is very strange but very delicious, such as curry chicken curry, coconut shell, eggplant and indispensable. “Coconut Rice Ancient” must be absolutely.
We know that coconut is good for us.

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Location: Ao Yai, Amphoe Mueang Trat
For more information, please contact: Pairoj Jindawong, 092-712-1119 Mr. Suwan Pornsathit

Baan Yai Moom
Continue to Baan Yai Moom It is a simple Muslim community. Walk the fisherman’s way of life. Come to know the mythical legendary granny.
The community offers ecotourism in the natural wonders of “Black Sand Beach”. Experience the spa, charcoal, coconut, bounce, treatment black sand. According to villagers beliefs to stimulate blood circulation. Relaxation muscles.
I have to visit. The cool thing about this place is that it is a unique menu of Yai Cham house.
We do not run out of money. To restore balance to natural resources. Life cycle is a hundred thousand.
Baan Yai Moom
Location: Ban Klang, Tambon Laem Ngop, Tambon Laem Ngob, Trat.
Community tour 600 Baht / person
From 9am to 3pm.
Activity Contact: 081-996-4388 Mr.Phammachai Booncham (Chairman of Yai Mohom Community Restoration Enterprise Group)

Viewpoint Laem Ngop
It is one of the most unforgettable spots that many tourists like to see and take pictures with the lighthouse on the east. If you come in the evening, this is a beautiful sunset.
Viewpoint Laem Ngop
Location: Laem Ngop District, Trat, Thailand

Apply before bedtime. Sea food Fresh Seafood Restaurant The restaurant of Trat province is very delicious.
Sea food restaurant
Location: Laem Ngob, Trat
Tel: 039-597084, 061-9899536.
Open daily: 09.00-22.00 (closed kitchen 21.00)

Finish the dessert and then dessert. I do not miss that shop. “Bua Bua Ngai” view from the customer waiting queue is not playing it.
The restaurant has modest seating. The trick of this shop. Boiled eggs The meat is soft, the meat is soft, the egg is not too ripe. He’s really good
Boiled eggs
Location: This shop is located in the same alley as the hotel. Trat Center

Then it’s time to go. To stay at the Trat City Hotel
Trat City Hotel
Location: 411/17, Wang Krachaa Sub-district, Trat, Trad
Tel: 086 327 8171

Ban Tha Som Tourist
Depart from the morning heading to the community of Ban Tha Som. Watch the folk culture. And life of the villagers.
The white jade Buddha statue at Wat Tha Soms is another important measure in the temple. “The Cultural Center of Wat Tha Soms” is a source of knowledge that brings together old-fashioned utensils for the new generation to see the valuable antiques.
Ban Tha Som
Location: Moo 1 Ban Thaom, Tambon Tha So, Amphoe Khao Saming, Trat, Thailand.
CONTACT: 081-983-3533, 081-904-3899

People who have never tried a community-based tour, we recommend it because it gives us something we never did. Never knew much Get to know every corner of Thailand!

Thank you
Special Development Area for Sustainable Tourism Development (DASTA)
For more information, please contact 039-516-043, 083-587-3595.

View Chill view art. Cactus @ Hua Hin

The sea is hot, the sea, the rain, the sea … For those who love the sea. Asking which season to visit the sea to be good. The answer is that any season. The sea is charming all season. Each season is beautiful in the wind, the mood is not repeated, lonely, sad, fun, quiet, just sit quietly. Sea waves with the sky. Or sleep in the sound of the waves then it.
And if it talks about the sea near the first place, the people must go to Hua Hin and with it close. This trip is out of luck. We invite not to disagree. Less time saving So do not make long decisions, haha, and as I said, this trip was tossed around by friends, knowing nothing about the black background of the board. . But people do not know how to have a beautiful reality to another.
The good fortune (bad Haha) even though it was early morning, but the rain was on the road in Bangkok for a long time, so that the journey was delayed. So we thought that we should stay. Then come out to find something delicious. Outside But enough to get into love, turn the car into a turn to change.
This is a medium size resort. Beautiful tropical garden in the style of the father Bali style tropical style. There is a local but plain luxury luxury.
But stunned in beauty. Take a photo and forget to check in so the receptionist holds a welcome drink with a sweet smile. We walked by, but by the way.
Then he took his wallet into the room. There are 5 types of rooms, we sleep in the Terrace Suite Lagoon View, thanks to our choice of friends. This room has space for us to chill, bird watching the wood in the room. With a balcony stretching out to see the lagoon full of lotus.
Design is a small pavilion. View the scenery as well. But more interesting than that. All types of rooms are available with both indoor and outdoor showers.
The day we come here is a week, not a lot of people. We allowed the resort to open a different type of room to leave our friends to get in. If you are interested in traveling, then please pre-order. We offer Special Promotion at 5,050 Baht (except Presidential Villa Beachfront) from now until Loy Krathong 2018.
Junior Suite Pool View has an outdoor pool. You can open the back door to see the garden behind.
Private Pool Villa This room is moving up a bit. For those of you who like to spend a lot of space. I have a lot of air.
2 Bedrooms Private Pool Villa Twin room, built-in pool Suitable for a gang. I like to drink lightly, but it’s a small gang but quality.
Presidential Villa Beachfront This room is haw Beach front Swing swing with a view like a bird.
This is my first post. The first is to go out to find something delicious for lunch. But now change your mind. It’s good to be in here to go out, why waste time. Then go to lunch at lunch. The food is good.

Kampu Restaurant, originally known as the popular Byzantine restaurant, is a great place to dine. The authentic Thai food. To fusion food. Then let’s try it.
La Tiang (Thai) Delicious Thai food But the mouth of us to easily eat a lot of soft and tender taste of pork and shrimp. The toppings are sweet and sour, so delicious!

Miang Kham (the word of the palace) snack appetizer is not unusual. It comes from the leaves of the tree that the resort planted itself. I have a side dish. Filled with taste. Sweet and sour in a single word.

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Cheese Galette This dish is a vegetarian menu that looks like a pizza, but the taste is quite different. Because the sheets are crispy. Put the tomatoes and sprinkle the top of the beans. Eat time Will sour But when eating with a good taste of the sauce.

Char Grilled Octopus This dish is easy to understand. It’s a giant squid roast. He will bring the giant octopus to boil for 24 hours, then roast until cooked and then topped with special sauce. Eat with fresh vegetables.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad Mediterranean Tuna Salad Tuna slices thick and soft red. Bring it to Grill and mix with spices. Serve with Mediterranean side dishes. How delicious do you have to try it?

Salmon Mi-Cuit and Heirloom Beets. This menu is a signature menu. And the menu we like very much. In addition to the creations at the time of service, there is smoke floating out. The food is delicious and refreshing. Fresh mood I have a taste of croissants, chewy soft, not too fat, too.

Let’s see the dessert of the bakery top. The signature menu here. This looks like better than Chocolate Caramel Delice, Mascarpone Orange – Honey Milk and Swiss Carrot Cake.

Enjoy refreshing drinks like Summer Fresh Chamomile Ice Tea and Lemon Lights & Kaffir Ice Tea.

Chocolate Hour is available from 15.00 – 16.00 hrs. For a full hour of premium Chocolate Chocolates. The day we went this was very lucky. It’s a day when he has a gold-plated chopped 12,000 won for a tasting! Eat not to be afraid of fat. Go home to cut!

Take a look at the bird watching. The area is spacious, but it is covered with small trees, making it easy to walk. There are several zones to choose from. It’s good to be with you as a lover – a close friend – a small family. I love to come to respect you, I will take it.

Ocean Bar, Pool Bar, Sea View I have two emotions.

Emerald Pool Pool with beautiful sea views. There are children pool. And adults pool

Little Bird Club For those who like bird watching. Amidst a lush tropical garden

Kids Club to catch the little ones, let’s get naughty in this. With creative activities. Good play.

Asara Spa & Fitness Or exercise sweat to sweat all day.

The Library Library for readers who can sit and soak in private reading.
The atmosphere is very private. It may not be suitable for a party. Have you heard? If we are tired, walk to the forest. So here it is for those who want to relax in private. And the power to life truly.
Recommend Asara Spa The only spa with Himalayan thermal therapeutic massage is Himalayan salt with a variety of important minerals that help in. Relaxation Tension of skin by imported from the Himalayas. The only place in Hua Hin. And only in Thailand.
Let your daughter go to the spa for half an hour. It’s cold enough to fit in. I went back to the bath room to find something to put on the stomach for dinner. And do not go out again as ever. Just step away from the resort’s beachfront. Baan Dum Beachfront Seafood.
Originally, Black House Restaurant The old wooden house is over 100 years old. The wood is black from the beginning, but now it has been renovated into a Thai restaurant. And more beautiful than it is open for the people who want to taste Thai and Western food in the atmosphere close to the sea.
The menu that we order is a Thai food. By the way. Baked Pineapple – Crab Egg Crab – Crab Curry Paste – Herbal Fried Fish – Fried Shrimp Crab – Fried Black Pepper Crab
We are a dessert. The giant mango sticky rice, which taste all inclusive, all through the menu. And all of us fell into the stomach, we bowl a bowl.
End your night with a great Mocktail at the Ocean Bar and here we have the Leelawadee signature drink on the edge of the glass with chili salt. Under the concept of fruit cart. Strange and delicious to me.
This night we will have to finish at the Ocean Bar …. because I want to sit and enjoy the sea breeze to drink to hear the sound of the night. What are you talking about? I have to go to bed with my girlfriend in the bedroom. Then I wake up to see the sunrise tomorrow.

Wow! Before we start cocking again. Because the resort says that this is a spot of beautiful sunrise in Hua Hin. Is it really so? This is not the first time I’ve seen this. But still enough to keep the beautiful picture to see it. I do not think that’s the case.
After sitting in front of the beach for more than 7 hours before breakfast time. Breakfast is in front of the beach. Today’s Wind The buffet is a lot of dazzling. Thai, Chinese, Chinese, fruits are also graded. Bakery is a lot to choose not quite right.
Let’s say that breakfast here is very good, we will pay attention even though we will be on weekdays, guests will be a little bit. But the resort is also full size impressed GG.
After a long day, I went back to my room to relax. Prepare to leave the house of gold sand. We have a lot of things to do. Sip a cool drink. I want to spend time with myself. With this atmosphere fully absorbed.

It’s a big deal. I will be back again because many work to find many free time. But promising that for her Movenpick, we will find time to come back for sure.

Coordinates: 53 Hua Hin Soi 5, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Phone: 032 520 777
Facebook: Mövenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin

Art Gallery – Artist House
I do not have enough time to go to the art. As soon as it arrives here, why is it so much fun! Art Gallery – Artist House This house is the mother line to come! Do not miss the art! And open it for 18 years, do not want to believe that this is how we missed it. I can not wait for my friend, but I do not eat before lunch. (Girlfriend reminded)
The side of the artist’s house There is a large pond and a place. Kitchen artist This restaurant is frequented by people. The food is spicy and there are many menus to choose from. Many dishes are so many that I did not order it all Thai food, western food is not large, the price is not good atmosphere, we ordered it almost did not eat it!
And in the same zone. Kitchen artist Take a walk through the wide terrace to Baan Sillapin Art & Cafe. Chic coffee shop with art deco style with a wide range of beverages. Coffee – Fresh milk – Soft drinks – Soy milk – Soda cream To ice cream – bakery and snacks.
Who wants to have the back of the handler. There is an art souvenir zone. Back to top
After eating and refreshed with dark coffee. It’s time we waited. But first, we have to pay for the cost of 40 baht per person (40 .- / 20 children). Price is the same for both Thai and foreigners. Yes What is this? The answer is worth the garden for the place is not enough.
why? Because of love in art. And the intention to bring Thai art to the world. And to continue the art to children generations. We have a chance to talk to her. One of the founders of this artist village. Mrs. Chumphon Don Sakul was originally the owner of this land for the continuation of art, with his older sister and teacher Tawee Kaew Ngam as president of the World Watercolor Society of Thailand.
Inside, there will be a large art gallery showcasing Master’s paintings. And a small studio that showcases the works of 30 artists who created their works here. The small studio. This will be distributed as a maze. I do not know.
I love art. I do not know if it’s a good idea. This class is praiseworthy. Do not be jealous.
For those who are interested to visit the arts. See the art of art. I would like to take the children to practice painting skills in the water that they like to play in the play because it has a lot of equipment to play a lot of cloth, dolls, t-shirts, masks, umbrellas, bags, cloth, play value. I was very young kid 100.- 150.- adults to play back to show off at home. And if luck will meet her brother. And teacher National artists like us.
Art Gallery – Artist House
Coordinates: 81/14 Hua Hin 70 Rd., Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm Closed Monday
Phone: 08 7047 7125
Facebook: Art Village Hua Hin AVH House Artist Hua Hin

Vanilla Factory
I’m not impressed with the artist village. But the next destination has already begun. Ask a friend to tell me to take to eat Cactus Bay! Actually! Is it possible to eat? I do not think it’s a good idea.
Drive to the Vanilla Factory, it’s a good cake shop. Is the cake made of cactus? I’m recruiting But what? Then come to see each other.
This shop is open for 2 years, is a shop with a great Eureka The color of the shop is perfect. I do not know why. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable with a small cactus garden. Decorated with a sit at the restaurant. It’s not hard to find a cactus garden that is close enough to walk around. Cactus Cake !!
Cactus cake is lovely, but we do not dare eat it, it’s cute. I like to take pictures before I wash.
Sweet cactus cake This is a very difficult to say. Because it will take time to be classified as a craft that it is. But we have to destroy it within 1 minute to get it. Because love is always accompanied by the always delicious.
And do not mistake it very tasty. Cake Smooth Cream is good and not greasy eaten. Just one lure to 3 Cups! The price is 100 baht if you want to taste. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
And another menu of baked goods to recommend Bubble Waffle with Icecream. Cool ice cream in soft waffles, served with whipped cream. And fresh fruit if you like sweet, then pour syrup into it. I do not know.
Must be here. Blue Hawaii Italian Blue Soda. But secretly full of fruit. And color jelly. Watermelon ice cream embroidery to another Oh
Finally, let’s stop for a drink at Caramel Macchiato. I like to look like it.
Who would like to have a delicious cake with two delicious coffee and bakery in Hua Na 112, this restaurant is your grandmother. The Vanilla Factory is located under the condominium building. If you see candy colored buildings. Turn the car into a park in it.
Vanilla Factory
Coordinates: 1/171 Soi Khao Takiab, Nong Kae, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 21.00 hrs. Closed on Tuesdays

Phone: 09 4552 4958
Facebook: Vanilla Factory Huahin

It is very difficult but easy to use this trip. It’s a little time but it’s a very good quality trip. It seems to be hard to drive, but it’s a place to stay, a place to visit, a chic cafe, each of which is in the same zone that Hua Hin … How many times are you impressed me?

Hua Hin Train Station

The distinctive look of Hua Hin. Or call for a background photo for proof. I have arrived. If you are ready to go to Hua Hin train station. We have to do it …

Best Guide for Hua Hin Railway Station
Hua Hin Railway Station It is one of the oldest stations. And the most beautiful in Thailand. Located in Hua Hin. King Prajadhipok’s Road Hua Hin Railway Station Building The Hua Hin Railway Station is a half-timbered building.

Today, the railway station has become a popular tourist destination in Hua Hin.

Ticket Counter
You will see the meeting point. When entering the train station Ticket Counter Located at the entrance to the train station after passing the meeting point.

Bus area
The train station is located in Hua Hin Railway Station. It is quite spacious. There are many seats. For passengers waiting for their train.

Historical corners And tourist information counters
Featured in front of ticket counters History of Hua Hin Railway Station You can also find The “Tourist Information Counter” is located nearby. Bus area To help travelers in their inquiries.

The facilities and services at Hua Hin Railway Station are complete with bathroom, Luggage room There is a police inspection service from the Hua Hin Railway. And many more within the railway station.
Please prepare a small coin to pay for the toilet at 3 baht and bath at the train station at 20 baht. “Luggage Storage” so you can keep your bags and travel with just a few pockets. Backpack Baggage collected at the train station.

There is also a police station at Hua Hin Railway Station on the train station. It is safe to travel throughout the course. There is also a police station at Hua Hin Railway Station on the train station. It is safe to travel throughout the course. Featured in the most prominent. Hua Hin Railway Station The rooms are unique in the style of Thai architecture.

Nearby Attractions
You can explore other attractions and activities at Hua Hin Railway Station.

Royal Hua Hin Gold Golf Course is located next to Hua Hin Railway Station.

Hua Hin Shakespeare Market is about 7 minutes walk from Hua Hin Railway Station.

Hua Hin is about 10 minutes walk from Hua Hin Railway Station.

Hua Hin has a large number of visitors. Come to Hua Hin to see with your own eyes! Book your train ticket to Hua Hin and enjoy the trip.

Doi Kha Kago Unseen Thailand Land of Beauty

The intention of this trip is. Mae Hong Son Province Why? Feel Feel it, it says it! I have to go to Mae Hong Son. It is to Mae Hong Son province, then Search for information of Mae Hong Son. I have to mention Mae Hong Son Pang Ung. We love it, but it will not go to ordinary Pai and then come across three pages of interest. But finally ended up at Doi Pha – Thank you “Mr. Two Steps” review of this beautiful place. The information in the review of his brother.

I’m sorry to hear that. I do not know what to do. I see his brother often and often asked his information as well.)

Doi Pha Doi Doi from where? Why not write on the big topic? This trip is going to be 3 days 2 nights with 3 members including us and have a long story for months.

We are very happy to be here. And next year we will go to Doi Pha Doi again. I want to go with it. I will take it (very) posted in this review it. This is a Facebook page. There is no page. I do not think the page is out lol.

Meet up with the crew, contact the navigator and porter at. Pang Ung Royal Project Development Center Located in Chiang Mai, near Mae Hong Son. Doi Inthanon What is the difference between the two?

How to go

1 drive to the most convenient to open GPS search development center Luang Pang Ung Followed by it. Suggest that drive carefully. The geography of the area is mountainous. We have to go along the mountain side, some ridges on one side, and one on the other. Not enough. The winding up and down who like to drive the car is invited to come here.

2 bus ride to Khun Yuam Bus Station. Maehong Province Have a treasure car from Bangkok. Go to Mae Hong Son via this station. Then call the villagers to receive it.

3. This method is not recommended. Because wasting time. That’s why we got up at Doi Khae. I have to go to sleep. Can not walk I do not regret it, because it’s so fun.

This way is The bus ride to Chiang Mai arcade. Then the car from the gate to Chom Thong. Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong Then rent a motorbike to the Pang Ung Royal Project. That’s a very crazy way.

See in Google map say 4 hours a bit with a distance of 193 Km. But in fact. We drive from Wat Phra That Go to the Royal Project and go to 5 hours and go crazy again.

The reason for this choice is Back to the plane back to Bangkok crazy x3 because this trip to 3 people.

I do not know. I would like to experience this trip as a lesson for the backpacker, it is not.

Small brackets, it’s crazy but fun. I have a lot of time 4 days 3 nights, this way. Life experience

Let’s go!
The beginning of this trip is required. Mo Chit Bus Terminal 2, no matter where the trip. We always start here. (If transportation companies want to support our tourism is welcome ^ ^)

At the beginning we will ride from Mo Chit to Chiang Mai Arcade Transportation. This is the service of Nakornchai Air is the first class car in good service. Massage with me. We have to open often to have a movie to listen to music like TG plane to fly to the destination on time. And safety is good.

We reached the arcade transportation around 7.30, then we cleaned the teeth. And power down. The restaurant is ordered around the transport in .. I do not have to say about 5555 to go.

While eating, we also discussed how to go to Chiang Mai. I have a red car around the round. The price is 40 baht each, we go to the brother called. What? Now it looks like a red car with a freelance driver. Like our brother who is talking about being in trouble. There are signs posted around Chiang Mai. How to use the service, we choose a convenient and economical. We are divided over twenty.

We traveled out of the arcade transportation around 9.00 during the drive to send our brother, he invited me here. And to advise you to go to Chom Thong. He told us to ride the blue bus. A little cold, but certainly close enough to the door to Chiang Mai. He said, “Busy. Will leave. “The image of the blue bus was moving away from the carriage. It was a very moving feeling, and suddenly, “Wait a minute,” our brother said. Then you drive and follow the horn and park in front of the bus. I’m not sure what to say. The sand (friends who went together) was paying for our brother’s car. We thank him so much. Then rushed to the car. And thanks to the bus driver again. Everything is very sensitive. But not everyone is angry or angry or angry, but everyone is happy to help. If it is Bangkok. We will have to wait for the next car, which will come again after 1 hour. This is just the beginning of the trip. This is a lot of energy. Crazy trip

The atmosphere in the car is Local, it’s fun in the way of travel is to use public transport. It’s cold but it’s safe. Arrive at Wat Phra That Chom Thong at 10.30am.

We crossed the street to rent a motorcycle. Before you come to call to approach your uncle. This is my shop. We rent at a price of 300 baht per car, 1000 baht per car and get a card to exchange it.

We got two Wave 125 cars with helmets for free. The car is guaranteed to climb up the mountain.

After that, we left our belongings to our uncle. To go to the market to buy fresh food to use in cooking this night and four more at the top of the hill. (11.00 is also the face will hope to rise again. I do not understand myself. Uncle Tei recommended to go to the market in Soi. We can not remember the name of the market. And there’s no sign.

I want to buy chicken. Walk to the shop and order 2 pieces of the breast that you can cut it with me. She looked up and said. Fuck you. Then we send our sour sister to slice chickens ha ha fun fun that I have to do it.

After all. We went back to take the uncle again. Then pack the items into the bag. Personal pocket And a midfielder who is driving a car today does not serve as a guide and keep the atmosphere on the way. We are the driver to tell. You have to turn left, you have to turn left, lol, my sister sits with us. The sand, which is said to drive, but I just went shopping at the market. The driver followed us again. And do not mess with the midfield.

And with that scare of the sun, the three people look and look at the car that is full of looks like this. Really crazy. We are three

We have to cut through Doi Inthanon. Through the outpost of the park into two areas, but before going through the checkpoint. We will go to the parking and tell us that we will go. Thank you. I did not check it. He passed through the checkpoint. I see that as a tourist.

At the first checkpoint of Doi Inthanon National Park, the atmosphere is very good, the weather is very good. Every other Bangkok. Then we found the ladder. I have seen many around, but no chance to stop the car to take photos to me. Park to take a picture. I also know that three of them up the mountain is not perfect. Also, stop car photography again.
Drive to find the second checkpoint enough to pass a bit less than 50 meters, let us turn left. I’m so glad to see you again, and I’m so happy to see you again. But we will not go to Mae Hong Son. We do not have to drive to 182 Km but our destination is just 130Km from this point, you know this and I am comfortable (irony) to continue here, not yet out of the park.
After this, more brutal than from the first checkpoint 2, a lot of it, turn 180 degrees and then the road is narrower. I do not know what to do, but it is good to walk down the road to the side of the road he will be flat on the road back to some roads, it collapsed. Motorcycles like us. Have to slow down and take care.
Let’s travel together. On the way from here, most of the corn and rice fields, then he forest. When you go to Mae Chaem, it’s overwhelming. I have to park my car and eat lunch. At 3 o’clock, we parked at the shop.

Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi

Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi
Chill out Thailand2 Take a picture of the giraffes at the zoo Safari Park & ​​Camp, Bo Phloi, Kanchanaburi. Feed the giraffes closely from the tourist bus Safari Zoo. Scout milking And many activities.


The first open zoo in Kanchanaburi. And animal conservation. Learn how to live. Animals such as giraffes, elephants, zebras, camels, tigers, leopards, leopards, buffalo, elk, ostriches

Private car to visit the zoo. Or use the minibus. Of the zoo Which is free.

Animal Zone with 8 zones.

Zone 1, fancy florists.

Zone 2 Buffalo Bears

Zone 3 Blackbuck and the Sandpiper

Zone 4 Tiger

Zone 5 African Lions

Zone 6 Leopard

Zone 7 Indian Deer White Flower Emu Deer

Zone 8, Zebra Giraffe, Lama, Ostrich, and Flamingo.

The highlight of this is the only place in the world that can “hug the neck – take a photo with a giraffe” and feed the giraffe. From the bus tour Safari. Chic

Feeding – photography And touch the giraffe Very close.

The food of the giraffe is freshly squash. Put in a colorful plastic container is sold before the car. Take with you, do not forget to enjoy the course.

During the ride the car will meet the tigers, lions and buffalo, which he will not come close. Or harm to tourists.

And cute deer I’m waiting for food. From tourists to the side of the car.

There are animal shows such as elephant show. Crocodile Hand Show And Maul birds show.

And cute things Do not milk Scout – leopard – lion close and with staff to take care.

Ticket prices


Adult 150 Baht Child 80 Baht (height not over 120cm)

(Children up to 3 years old will not be charged)

Foreigner Adult 450 Baht Child 250 Baht

Open daily from 9 am – 5 pm.

Here Are 5 Things You Must Do To Explore Mysore, India to the Fullest

Mysore is a place that blends perfectly with the rich culture, history, cuisine, majestic palaces and delicious food. It is a place that caters to the needs of all types of travelers and the city has incredible locations and gardens. The ability to see, spend time walking around to learn about the culture. There is something for everyone

Mysore Fortune is not just one of the city’s major palaces … It is a major tourist destination in India, with its beautiful gardens, grand palaces, colorful festivals and distinctive markets. Whether you are there to witness the magnificent architecture, enjoy the nightlife or relax in the Mysore park, there is a whole! From Chamundi Hills to amazing street markets, Mysore is a must do in India. In this article, I will make a top do list so that you can skip to the tour guide.

Visit the Maharaja’s Palace
Maharaja Palace or Mysore Palace is the most famous tourist attraction in Mysore. This place used to be the home of the Wodeyars and was considered as a formal home and completed in 1912. If you are looking for a hotel in Mysore We recommend staying somewhere near the palace.

The best thing about this palace is the fact that you will notice it is the first thing you visit in the city. It is among the largest palaces in India and has beautiful architecture. From Hindu architecture, Islamic architecture and Gothic architecture to Rajput style throughout the palace is beyond your senses and a celebration for all architectural lovers. Make sure you visit the palace at night to light up 98,000 lamps, which make this building brighter.

The best time to visit the palace is during the Dasara Festival, due to its grand decor, which is often found throughout the palace at that time.

Chamundi Hill
These are Mysore’s iconic landmarks – soaring into the sky at 1065 meters, the Chamundi Hills are worth a visit. Most hills are known for temples. Chamundeshwari Up to the 11th century, you took the stairs and you were immediately rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area. Be sure to check out Nandi the Bull in the 1000 steps you need to reach the temple.

Karanji Lake
Karanji Lake is one of the largest lakes and is located south of Chamundi Hills. To visit them is a perfect right after the hill. You can find about a hundred birds there so you do not just You will also enjoy the beautiful park and beautiful scenery. You will also learn about the birds that are close and personal.

Mysore Zoo
Mysore Zoo is definitely a place to visit Mysore. If you are traveling with your family, then definitely the better option. You can meet all kinds of animals, from baboons, elephants, elephants to tigers to more than 150 acres. You can choose to spend the whole day exploring the animals or just relaxing on the lake.

Dance Fountain at Brindavan Gardens
If you are interested in something different then you usually check out Brindavan Gardens. They are considered the most beautiful gardens in Mysore City and dance fountains are also a great source of flooding. With light, color, great music, and of course, colorful lasers everywhere, the show is worth the wait!

Mysore is an ideal place to travel, especially if you are traveling solo. It has so many opportunities for what to do and blends beautiful architecture into nature for a variety of holidays!

The Beginners Guide to Japanese Hot Springs (Onsens)

One of the best things about traveling in Japan is the Japanese Onsen (hot springs). However, many foreigners do not know what to expect or what to do, so I will explain everything here and recommend it. Have a visit?

Japan has a lot of high volcanoes around the island. There are many hot springs around the world. But there is nothing like Japan as part of their culture.

From cheap local bathhouses to expensive luxury Ryokan hotels.

Imagine yourself in the steep mountain range with warm water overlooking the city or in the historic downtown relaxation in the mineral water.

These fountains are suitable for the treatment of all types of diseases. However, the best feature is the feeling of bathing in good hot water in a cool environment.That is the Japanese onsen experience.

Japanese Oneness Etiquette and What to Expect

The first thing you need to know and what a lot of tourists surprise is just: You must be naked And do not get around.

Can you wear a swimsuit? Nope  …Naked naked naked

If you are a little shy of your body, do not worry as nobody cares. The Japanese began to take children from infancy and were often strangers by accident.

You can get a small towel that you can use to cover your privacy when you are walking or sitting. No one really bothered with them. When in an onsen swimsuit or towel is allowed, you will have to sit completely naked.

What to do is wear a small towel at the top of the head, but not much.

Before you go to Onsen, you have to wash thoroughly. There will be an area where you sit on a small stool and wash yourself down to make sure it gets all the soap before entering.

In this way, water will be clean. Many sexes have sex differences, so women in men and women in another.

The best listener is what you are outside. Whether it’s at the base of a volcano in the sun or on a mountain in winter, falling snow on your head is a very peaceful experience.

You will be lucky and find yourself in a quiet moment with an outdoor for yourself.

Where to Go for Japanese Onsen – Some of the Best Onsens in Japan

Hot springs are scattered all over Japan. People walk down the street in their yukata and geta (wooden sandles) walk from onsen to onsen.

These can be pricey compared to the easier onsens which can be found scattered throughout the countryside. It provides a good cultural experience.

You have to love the country where hot springs are an important part of their culture. Make one of the most satisfying experiences of any visit.

With so many selections available to many to recommend, I will list some of my favorite experiences.

I also recommend censorship that I have not been to. But friends have and love

These cover most areas of Japan where you usually visit.Ibusuki

  • Onsen near Kagoshima City

Kagoshima’s speech is a unique onsen experience. It takes about 1 hour by train from Kagoshima City.I did not do it. But not friends and say it is good. There are only a few unique white sand baths in Japan. It should be very good for many conditions such as asthma, rheumatism and more.

  • Hakone Onsen

If you are in Tokyo and want to experience this hot spring, this is probably the best solution you can take every day.One hour by train from Tokyo to easily travel in one day. They also have a Ryokan guesthouse. (Like all hot springs) to stay overnight if you need to go overnight. You also have a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji.

  • Noboribetsu Onsen

This is located in Hokkaido in northern Japan and is the most popular there.It is located south of Hokkaido to travel from Sapporo.There is a valley above the town called “Valley of Hell”, where the hot springs in most areas come from.

  • Kinosaki Onsen

This is one of the best resorts in Onsen, because of the historic atmosphere of the three-story wooden house and the people walking in their yukata.That’s not the cheapest place. But worth the visit even if you do not use Onsen. You can take a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka, due to the northern Japanese sea. Although not in a hurry, it may be better to stay overnight.

Why Budapest May Be One The Best Cities In Europe For Travellers

Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe. But being called one of the best cities or the best city for travelers is a big deal. So I think it would be nice to explain the thought process behind this. I look forward to inviting you to visit Budapest.

I’ve been to Budapest 3 times and spent over a month living there while writing this story (16/12/15).

In fact, I’m writing this in a lovely little cafe in Budapest’s 7th Bar / Restaurant. But that’s not the information associated with this post. Well, except that they have some of the best coffee in town that make me focus on writing this.

Sometimes you know I miss a post that people may be interested in reading. I have started to like doing more private posts, I enjoy them. Do not post personal comments.

Hey, maybe some of the ideas and ideas I have about the place may be similar to yours, and if you know my thoughts at least a bit, then there is a very high chance that you will like what I like.

That is why I think I will do this post for you in case you are traveling or looking for a vacation holiday town to visit if you are in Europe.

However, bla bla bla I will get why I think Budapest is perfectly suited to be the best city in Europe for travelers.

Should I say that I have visited almost all European countries, including all capital cities in the country, so I am qualified to give my opinion about European cities. Well maybe not much. But we will say at least enough power.

Okay, i’m an expert

Naturally, this post is just a comment. Everyone has different tastes and every city has something to offer. Almost good – sorry Oslo, you shit I tried you out 2 times and you did not do anything to sense my city. But the Norwegians are scary. But your beer is absolutely crazy!

Once you’re in the area, you can visit some great cities, such as Prague and Vienna.

Budapest !!!!

Why hell come to love Budapest and recommend it to travelers.

Well, before coming here is the 3rd time I live in Kiev in Ukraine, one of my favorite cities in Europe. For various reasons, hot girl is one of them. I am a simple bachelor, I can say just say it is that.

If there are other things in my blog, I want to be honest with you, there is always nothing to hide in the way you can trust what I have to say about things. Call me a real blogger.

My original plan was to visit a friend in Amsterdam for a week and then return to Keating. But I decided to travel back to Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

Budapest stopped me in my music.
It’s easy to like places based on your company there. But Budapest is more than just meeting some interesting people. Although there are plenty of them.

No special Budapest for many reasons.

I should say most of Budapest is on the hill, with old buildings on the hill lighting up at night.

Many European cities have fairytale paintings, such as Prague Castle. But Budapest is up there with the best.

Budapest is separated by one river called Buda and the other Pest. The side of Budapest is a more affluent area with its old buildings, but Pest is a cooler area.

Richer pussy I like Pest better but hey, I like to chill and get a good feel and Buda for me is just a beautiful building story.

On the other hand, there is a very cool bar / restaurant scene in the Jewish Quarter. It’s one of the lively and funniest areas in the city I’ve been to in Europe. All bars and restaurants are close by, so it’s easy to get around them.

It is also famous for its ruins. The “Ruins”, which are housed in a historic building that transforms into some of the epic party venues.

Some funky bars in District 7

Yes, Berlin also has bars and great club scenes. But do not forget that we add everything that makes the city great for travelers.

There is also live music everywhere in the bar, which is hard to come by in other cities such as Amsterdam.

One of the best things of course is the shower room spread out all over. In the middle of town, you have a natural mineral bath, some of which are located in beautiful historic buildings like Gellert Baths.

Have you had a tough party in District 7? Then head to one of these mineral baths and soak for 4-5 hours and get all the crap out of your system. I called sweat vodka ?

Until you are unfortunate enough to try a local spirit drink called palinka, in which case this is called palinka puking session Ughhh!

Oh, this is great for travelers I know. If you’ve been to London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc., even Prague, then come to Budapest is a real pleasure.

It’s really cheap.

This post is for travelers arriving in Budapest. For local people is a different story.

A 0.5 liter beer in the cheap bar around District 7 will bring you back another 1 cent 30 cents. Soprani is the best local beer in my opinion. Give it a try.

Now beer is no way close to Brussels, Prague and so on, but it is enough.

You can culture and go to the opera. Hell I did not go to the opera in my life, but Budapest apparently has one of the best opera houses in the world and is reasonably priced again compared to London, etc.

Yes i go to opera How is it? Beautiful building for inspection. But seriously Partly because “Modern Opera”

It makes me laugh too. I went out and drank beer for 10 minutes back and asked my friend what I missed. She replied that the man walked slowly down the stairs and that was it. I do not think she’s teasing her.

Opera yeah

But I will go to Opera again to look more traditional and give it another chance.

Beautiful opera
Beautiful opera

However, while I tend to do, I have turned into a villain – seriously.

Cheap Kobe – 1 Euro 50 Cent

Good pizza, 70 cents euro

Some amazing soups for only 1 euro 80 cents from a gastro chef at the famous small restaurant called Bors in District 7. If you go to Budapest, check out for sure.

Most bars / clubs around District 7 are free to enter and have fun dancing floors or live music.

Someone you can go out and spend all if you do right.

Of course, if you head to the club and start pounding the picture, then what would be more pricey? But that’s the same everywhere in the world, and it’s still cheaper than the more expensive cities.

A warm bath will give you back about 15 Euro, but you can stay in them for as long as you want. You can do 12 hours of heat if you feel like it!

Although your skin will dissolve after that. Steam roomplace
See the map See Budapest?

Terrible place!

Head north and to Slovakia / Poland and Czech Republic to Prague.

Head south and from the Balkans / Romania.

Head west and you have the Croatian coast and the Alps in Austria and Switzerland.

Head to the east and the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine waiting for you, along with a reservoir with more heat hiding.

You have everything you need.

This is another part of the reason I can live in Budapest, in a great place to watch and do things around.

Small but powerful
But yes size

The city is quite large, suitable for strolling around the world. In this way, you can see more cities and save transportation costs.

The city is the best way to go. If you are lazy lazy
It is also unique in that there are no modern tall buildings.

Now I like big cities like Tokyo. In fact, Tokyo is my favorite city in the world. However, it is good to have a medium-sized city like Budapest with the charm of the old school without much modernization.

It is a beautiful city to photograph as well, especially at night. You can spend many hours walking around in shooting missions.

I have new lenses for my camera while in Budapest and are very happy using this as a city to get a good feel for it.