Rawai Seafood Market Seafood market

Rawai Seafood Market Seafood market or fish market is a fresh seafood market. That is well known and popular with both Thai and foreigners Not far from Rawai Beach Pier Many tourists come to try fresh and new seafood. There are many kinds of fresh fish, shrimp, crab, squid, shellfish and many other kinds of yards. Just walk to buy fresh food that you want to eat in the market and bring to nearby restaurants to create your favorite menu. Enjoy the dining atmosphere near the harbor which smells of sea salt as well.

Sala Loi Seafood Restaurant Sala Loi, seafood restaurant near Rawai Pier There is a front seat which can see the sea clearly. Therefore is very popular for both Thais and foreign tourists. Especially those who love seafood The menu is also available in a wide selection of oysters, mussels, black tiger shrimp, crab meat and a variety of Thai dishes. For those who like to try new food And authentic Thai food must be loved and very impressed

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