SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival, a snow festival that is surrounded by mountains and streams

SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival เทศกาลหิมะที่ถูกโอบล้อมไว้ด้วยภูเขาและสายน้ำ
Tell a good experience Come and tell everyone to meet again with this romantic festival next year.
SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival takes place from a waterfall that has become frozen into a large ice cube. When impacting the light that splashes a variety of colors As if we were sucked into a fairy tale world

In the air-7 degrees, but people are happy to be able to watch this festival In the festival, besides having lights, lights and colors to be viewed and taken together There are also snow slides to play as well. Which is a very fun activity And do not miss all things


Another highlight of this snow festival is the snow cave that penetrates into the path. With the inside of the cave having lights and lights Causing this snow cave to be a picture of the colors of the white snow.


On the day that we went, couples also arranged wedding ceremonies in the snow festival. This is a very romantic moment. There is a fireworks in the snow festival on this wedding day. Anyone who wants to have this kind of experience can come and contact the event next year.


And finally, it can be considered as the Hidden Gem of the SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival. That is, the sake bar made of ice is something that is very amazing. Who is cold? Can not bear to sip hot sake. In this bar, it is considered to be very helpful.



Overall, SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival is considered a small snow festival. But there is a special place in the location that is located between the mountains and the river Can be called a natural view that is hard to find


Next year, if anyone wants to experience the snow festival We recommend that this place is very good. Not too busy With beautiful nature The most important is romance too.


In the travel section You can take a ride from the Jubu Centrair International Airport and get off at Asahikawa and continue to ride in Kamikawa. Winter next year, invite people to come and visit the snow festival.

Icebreaker Aurora, the magic of Hokkaido

ล่องเรือตัดน้ำแข็ง Aurora ความมหัศจรรย์แห่งฮอกไกโด

Here, there is a tourist activity that is a tempting thing for us to come and experience by ourselves, that is the Aurora Ice Breaker.

The Aurora ice cruise is a popular tourist activity in Abashiri. Large ice sheets float in the sea from Russia and this giant Aurora will run through the giant ice sheets. This goes Is a very wonderful picture The best time to visit this giant ice sheet is from January to March every year.
But every trip has a disappointing and fulfilling story, always mixed together Because during our journey, the officer informed that the ice sheets floating in the sea had completely disappeared. Leaving only the vast sea that we can see But at this stage, it will not be able to retreat, therefore, we will bring the atmosphere and impression of the Aurora boat ride out into the O-Sea. Come to everyone

Starting the journey, a large Aurora boat will be waiting for us at the pier. In the boat there will be a total of 3 floors. The upper floor is a deck. And the two floors below will be the Indore zone, allowing tourists to sit and avoid the cold winds and watch the water closely.


But recommend that you come to visit all the time, should take a breath of fresh air above the deck See the beauty of the two routes along the route. On the way there will be many tame and friendly seagulls. Swooping to show us for a while


In addition, what we have returned to replace the ice sheets that melt away is the beautiful and vast sea view. The blue waters intersect with the distant horizon. It’s a really special time. That has been here


This trip takes about 1 hour to sit and chill and enjoy. Views of the sea of ​​Japan Just now


If anyone has a chance to visit Hokkaido, try to lock the target to check in at Abashiri. See here to make you impressed at first sight.

Why Budapest May Be One The Best Cities In Europe For Travellers

Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe. But being called one of the best cities or the best city for travelers is a big deal. So I think it would be nice to explain the thought process behind this. I look forward to inviting you to visit Budapest.

I’ve been to Budapest 3 times and spent over a month living there while writing this story (16/12/15).

In fact, I’m writing this in a lovely little cafe in Budapest’s 7th Bar / Restaurant. But that’s not the information associated with this post. Well, except that they have some of the best coffee in town that make me focus on writing this.

Sometimes you know I miss a post that people may be interested in reading. I have started to like doing more private posts, I enjoy them. Do not post personal comments.

Hey, maybe some of the ideas and ideas I have about the place may be similar to yours, and if you know my thoughts at least a bit, then there is a very high chance that you will like what I like.

That is why I think I will do this post for you in case you are traveling or looking for a vacation holiday town to visit if you are in Europe.

However, bla bla bla I will get why I think Budapest is perfectly suited to be the best city in Europe for travelers.

Should I say that I have visited almost all European countries, including all capital cities in the country, so I am qualified to give my opinion about European cities. Well maybe not much. But we will say at least enough power.

Okay, i’m an expert

Naturally, this post is just a comment. Everyone has different tastes and every city has something to offer. Almost good – sorry Oslo, you shit I tried you out 2 times and you did not do anything to sense my city. But the Norwegians are scary. But your beer is absolutely crazy!

Once you’re in the area, you can visit some great cities, such as Prague and Vienna.

Budapest !!!!

Why hell come to love Budapest and recommend it to travelers.

Well, before coming here is the 3rd time I live in Kiev in Ukraine, one of my favorite cities in Europe. For various reasons, hot girl is one of them. I am a simple bachelor, I can say just say it is that.

If there are other things in my blog, I want to be honest with you, there is always nothing to hide in the way you can trust what I have to say about things. Call me a real blogger.

My original plan was to visit a friend in Amsterdam for a week and then return to Keating. But I decided to travel back to Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

Budapest stopped me in my music.
It’s easy to like places based on your company there. But Budapest is more than just meeting some interesting people. Although there are plenty of them.

No special Budapest for many reasons.

I should say most of Budapest is on the hill, with old buildings on the hill lighting up at night.

Many European cities have fairytale paintings, such as Prague Castle. But Budapest is up there with the best.

Budapest is separated by one river called Buda and the other Pest. The side of Budapest is a more affluent area with its old buildings, but Pest is a cooler area.

Richer pussy I like Pest better but hey, I like to chill and get a good feel and Buda for me is just a beautiful building story.

On the other hand, there is a very cool bar / restaurant scene in the Jewish Quarter. It’s one of the lively and funniest areas in the city I’ve been to in Europe. All bars and restaurants are close by, so it’s easy to get around them.

It is also famous for its ruins. The “Ruins”, which are housed in a historic building that transforms into some of the epic party venues.

Some funky bars in District 7

Yes, Berlin also has bars and great club scenes. But do not forget that we add everything that makes the city great for travelers.

There is also live music everywhere in the bar, which is hard to come by in other cities such as Amsterdam.

One of the best things of course is the shower room spread out all over. In the middle of town, you have a natural mineral bath, some of which are located in beautiful historic buildings like Gellert Baths.

Have you had a tough party in District 7? Then head to one of these mineral baths and soak for 4-5 hours and get all the crap out of your system. I called sweat vodka ?

Until you are unfortunate enough to try a local spirit drink called palinka, in which case this is called palinka puking session Ughhh!

Oh, this is great for travelers I know. If you’ve been to London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc., even Prague, then come to Budapest is a real pleasure.

It’s really cheap.

This post is for travelers arriving in Budapest. For local people is a different story.

A 0.5 liter beer in the cheap bar around District 7 will bring you back another 1 cent 30 cents. Soprani is the best local beer in my opinion. Give it a try.

Now beer is no way close to Brussels, Prague and so on, but it is enough.

You can culture and go to the opera. Hell I did not go to the opera in my life, but Budapest apparently has one of the best opera houses in the world and is reasonably priced again compared to London, etc.

Yes i go to opera How is it? Beautiful building for inspection. But seriously Partly because “Modern Opera”

It makes me laugh too. I went out and drank beer for 10 minutes back and asked my friend what I missed. She replied that the man walked slowly down the stairs and that was it. I do not think she’s teasing her.

Opera yeah

But I will go to Opera again to look more traditional and give it another chance.

Beautiful opera
Beautiful opera

However, while I tend to do, I have turned into a villain – seriously.

Cheap Kobe – 1 Euro 50 Cent

Good pizza, 70 cents euro

Some amazing soups for only 1 euro 80 cents from a gastro chef at the famous small restaurant called Bors in District 7. If you go to Budapest, check out for sure.

Most bars / clubs around District 7 are free to enter and have fun dancing floors or live music.

Someone you can go out and spend all if you do right.

Of course, if you head to the club and start pounding the picture, then what would be more pricey? But that’s the same everywhere in the world, and it’s still cheaper than the more expensive cities.

A warm bath will give you back about 15 Euro, but you can stay in them for as long as you want. You can do 12 hours of heat if you feel like it!

Although your skin will dissolve after that. Steam roomplace
See the map See Budapest?

Terrible place!

Head north and to Slovakia / Poland and Czech Republic to Prague.

Head south and from the Balkans / Romania.

Head west and you have the Croatian coast and the Alps in Austria and Switzerland.

Head to the east and the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine waiting for you, along with a reservoir with more heat hiding.

You have everything you need.

This is another part of the reason I can live in Budapest, in a great place to watch and do things around.

Small but powerful
But yes size

The city is quite large, suitable for strolling around the world. In this way, you can see more cities and save transportation costs.

The city is the best way to go. If you are lazy lazy
It is also unique in that there are no modern tall buildings.

Now I like big cities like Tokyo. In fact, Tokyo is my favorite city in the world. However, it is good to have a medium-sized city like Budapest with the charm of the old school without much modernization.

It is a beautiful city to photograph as well, especially at night. You can spend many hours walking around in shooting missions.

I have new lenses for my camera while in Budapest and are very happy using this as a city to get a good feel for it.

6 Culinary Adventures You Need to Experience in Omaha

I always like to visit a city with an open mind and Omaha, Nebraska exceeded my expectations in their both culinary scene and their heart and passion behind each dish. They take their food scene seriously sourcing as much as possible locally while raising the bar in creativity and flavor. I’m sharing more about culinary adventures that you will definitely want to add to your list.

1. Dante’s (West Omaha)
Fresh seafood in the Midwest? These wood oven roasted scallops were in the water at Hampton Bay, NY the day before I dined and in my belly that night. Chef and owner Nick Strawhecker works with producer partners from Nebraska and beyond to source the freshest ingredients possible in season and the results are pretty fantastic!

Known for their Neopolitan pizza (that I ironically didn’t try), Dante’s also offers Rustic Italian Cuisine (that I did try) with fantastic wine pairings. (Nebraska Beef Carpaccio, Plum Creek Farm Chicken & Carrot Ravioli, Wood-Oven Roasted Scallops, and Carmel & Espresso Brownie) In addition to wonderful food, they have Omaha’s only Italian-only wine list with wines from each region of Italy.

2.Hand Crafted Chocolates (West Omaha)
You know you’ve made it big when you are on Oprah’s Favorite Things list! The Cordial Cherry takes chocolate to the next level in taste and artistry. Each of their chocolate covered cherries is made from scratch and hand decorated and they are almost too beautiful to eat….almost….but it is chocolate, and I’m committed to my research.If you are normally not a chocolate covered cherry fan, I invite you to still try one, but you will still find plenty of other artisan chocolates in other flavors and varieties. The Cordial Cherry is conveniently located a few steps from Dante’s which means that you can cross off two culinary adventures in one visit.

3.Crescent moon (Blackstone County)
Known for their Reuben sandwiches made from slow-cooked corned beef, pickled cabbage, Swiss salad dressing and 1000 islands, as well as our secret ingredient, grilled marinated rice with a recipe from the Blackstone Hotel. The famous is located opposite. If you love craft beer, you’ll be delighted to discover that the crescent moon has over 60 brewed beers daily.

If you return to visit again, you may want to go to the Huber-Haus German Bier Hall, located below the stairs, to learn more about the “Das Boot” with 2 liters of beer in a glass pan. Booting comes with rules to make sure you know what you are doing.

4.Coneflower (Blackstone district)
Our next stop on the food tour is Coneflower Creamery, known as the Ice Cream Farm, for raw materials from farmers in Nebraska and Iowa. They do everything in the house, including waffles, cones and even sprinkle Blackstone Butterbrickle. Is one of the more popular flavors as a nod to the Blackstone Hotel, which offers tastes in the 1920s made from toffee and homemade chocolate. With so many seasonal flavors, we recommend sampling a little before you decide.

5.Le Bouillon (Old Market Square)
Le Bouillon, located in the heart of the old market, offers French-inspired cuisine and comfortable food in a beautiful old building dating back to the 1890s and Niki de St. Phalle Tree. Hand cut fried with bikini sandwich thinking high roasted cheese .. .. The bikini is not friendly. But worth every bite!

6.Howard Street Wine (Old Market)
You do not have to walk outside to visit the Howard Street Wine Merchant after visiting Le Bouillon if you do not want to. Two doors are conveniently connected. We like tasting a lot of wines from around the Howard Street Wine Merchant. There are also special tastings and a wine club that you can join.

Panyee Island

Another landmark of Panyee Island is the football field that floats on the water. And the scenery behind the hill and the small island in the sea, which the British website of the Metro, posted a short article on 11 June 2012, admiring the beauty of the floating football field, Ko Panyee Island and giving this football field to be one of the scenery that The most beautiful in the world The Panyee Island football field is built on ideas from fishermen on the island because there is not enough land on the ground to make a football field. Or have to wait to play football on the sandy beach at low tide, in which there is only one chance in a month during the waning months when the sea is very low, so this football field was built For children Have a field to use Initially built from wooden boards and ropes, but now has been transformed into a more robust field.

On the island of Panyi, most people are engaged in local fishery. As well as there are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the island. Is a place that tourists from all over the world come to visit See a souvenir shop for sale, such as products from shells, batik, necklaces, bracelets, rings made from mother-of-pearl, and there are other products such as shrimp chili paste. Shrimp paste and is a resting point for eating Tourists tend to come to have lunch at Ko Panyi. Which has many restaurants at the pier But personally, after seeing the price of food and being shocked, the price is higher than on the bank and after tryin g the food, I think that the taste is in the middle level, it should be better to carry it on the side.

Here Are 5 Things You Must Do To Explore Mysore, India to the Fullest

Mysore is a place that blends perfectly with the rich culture, history, cuisine, majestic palaces and delicious food. It is a place that caters to the needs of all types of travelers and the city has incredible locations and gardens. The ability to see, spend time walking around to learn about the culture. There is something for everyone

Mysore Fortune is not just one of the city’s major palaces … It is a major tourist destination in India, with its beautiful gardens, grand palaces, colorful festivals and distinctive markets. Whether you are there to witness the magnificent architecture, enjoy the nightlife or relax in the Mysore park, there is a whole! From Chamundi Hills to amazing street markets, Mysore is a must do in India. In this article, I will make a top do list so that you can skip to the tour guide.

Visit the Maharaja’s Palace
Maharaja Palace or Mysore Palace is the most famous tourist attraction in Mysore. This place used to be the home of the Wodeyars and was considered as a formal home and completed in 1912. If you are looking for a hotel in Mysore We recommend staying somewhere near the palace.

The best thing about this palace is the fact that you will notice it is the first thing you visit in the city. It is among the largest palaces in India and has beautiful architecture. From Hindu architecture, Islamic architecture and Gothic architecture to Rajput style throughout the palace is beyond your senses and a celebration for all architectural lovers. Make sure you visit the palace at night to light up 98,000 lamps, which make this building brighter.

The best time to visit the palace is during the Dasara Festival, due to its grand decor, which is often found throughout the palace at that time.

Chamundi Hill
These are Mysore’s iconic landmarks – soaring into the sky at 1065 meters, the Chamundi Hills are worth a visit. Most hills are known for temples. Chamundeshwari Up to the 11th century, you took the stairs and you were immediately rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area. Be sure to check out Nandi the Bull in the 1000 steps you need to reach the temple.

Karanji Lake
Karanji Lake is one of the largest lakes and is located south of Chamundi Hills. To visit them is a perfect right after the hill. You can find about a hundred birds there so you do not just You will also enjoy the beautiful park and beautiful scenery. You will also learn about the birds that are close and personal.

Mysore Zoo
Mysore Zoo is definitely a place to visit Mysore. If you are traveling with your family, then definitely the better option. You can meet all kinds of animals, from baboons, elephants, elephants to tigers to more than 150 acres. You can choose to spend the whole day exploring the animals or just relaxing on the lake.

Dance Fountain at Brindavan Gardens
If you are interested in something different then you usually check out Brindavan Gardens. They are considered the most beautiful gardens in Mysore City and dance fountains are also a great source of flooding. With light, color, great music, and of course, colorful lasers everywhere, the show is worth the wait!

Mysore is an ideal place to travel, especially if you are traveling solo. It has so many opportunities for what to do and blends beautiful architecture into nature for a variety of holidays!

How to Save Money on Summer Attractions in Cincinnati

Expenses for families visiting summer sights can be increased quickly … but it is not necessary to pay if you follow these guidelines.

Do your research before traveling.
I love adventure, and I’m also a big fan of planning ahead to maximize my traffic and budget. I like to find time and days of interest, there are a few crowded with a simple Google search for attractions with large price tags, I always make sure to check the weather before traveling. Theme parks may be less crowded on cloudy and rainy days. But I do not want to risk the day with the high risk forecasts of the storm being a big part of the day.

Go to the Attraction website.
When visiting the site of the first place, you will be notified about special events, hours and special offers. Most travel destinations offer the most savings by purchasing tickets online directly before you go with a door purchase.

Connect with Social Media
Make sure you like the main social media sources (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Facebook is still the most popular for communication, discounts, special events, and giveaways. Some indoor attractions, such as Dart Rush, have special community groups to help them communicate with special discounts.

Sign up for newsletter
One great way to learn about special discounts is to sign up for direct-to-site newsletters. For example, Great Wolf Lodge email users are the first to receive a special price quote before visiting a website. Check out local deals and deals sites such as Groupon.

Package Deals
I also want to check out local attractions for the Cincinnati USA package deals. There are several packages on their website that gather together tourist attractions and accommodations. Some of the attractions are even affiliated. For example, Great Wolf Lodge offers a special package for guests wishing to visit Kings Island, which is located next to the hotel.

Special Summer
Many attractions offer summer deals where one child gets free or reduced price when buying paid adults. Cinemas, bowling alleys and other places within the building. There are also plenty of special offers for drivers to visit during the summer.

Visit after 4PM
Most attractions in the area are discounted for guests arriving after 4 PM. For example, Kings Island Amusement Park and Coney Island Amusement Park are available online in the options available after 4 PM.

When in doubt ask!
Many attractions in Cincinnati offer discounts for local customers, elders, military and AAA members.

Find local discount sites
After you check this site, browse through deals websites like Groupon, Cincy Savers and Living Social to save more money.

Check discount tickets at the retailer.
Retailers, grocery stores and restaurants, as well as various attractions, offer more savings.

King Island Amusement Park
If you plan to go to Kings more than once in the next 6-7 months, the best value is the Gold Season Pass which includes a water park, a car park and a winterfest. I would also recommend the All Season dinner plan if you are. Plan to become a Pass Season Passenger
Buy a large drink in the McDonald’s area, and you can save up to $ 20 when you bring a plastic cup to the park.
Kroger Discount Buy online for more savings.

Newport Aquarium
Summer break for Sunday – Friday after 4:00 pm – One child can use the service free of charge when purchasing tickets for normal adult rates.
Discount tickets online
Discounts for AAA members and AARP members.

Cincinnati Reds
Discount online
Discounts for seniors and soldiers
PNC debit card holders receive 1/2 tickets Sunday – Thursday
Family Sunday 3 tickets are half price with full 1 tickets.
Access Magazine 4 for $ 48.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Buy online for more savings.
Discount for Miltary and AAA members.
Discount cards can be purchased at Kroger.
Online Package for Rides

Coney Island Theme Park
Order online for more savings.
After ticket prices at 4 pm online

Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi

Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi
Chill out Thailand2 Take a picture of the giraffes at the zoo Safari Park & ​​Camp, Bo Phloi, Kanchanaburi. Feed the giraffes closely from the tourist bus Safari Zoo. Scout milking And many activities.


The first open zoo in Kanchanaburi. And animal conservation. Learn how to live. Animals such as giraffes, elephants, zebras, camels, tigers, leopards, leopards, buffalo, elk, ostriches

Private car to visit the zoo. Or use the minibus. Of the zoo Which is free.

Animal Zone with 8 zones.

Zone 1, fancy florists.

Zone 2 Buffalo Bears

Zone 3 Blackbuck and the Sandpiper

Zone 4 Tiger

Zone 5 African Lions

Zone 6 Leopard

Zone 7 Indian Deer White Flower Emu Deer

Zone 8, Zebra Giraffe, Lama, Ostrich, and Flamingo.

The highlight of this is the only place in the world that can “hug the neck – take a photo with a giraffe” and feed the giraffe. From the bus tour Safari. Chic

Feeding – photography And touch the giraffe Very close.

The food of the giraffe is freshly squash. Put in a colorful plastic container is sold before the car. Take with you, do not forget to enjoy the course.

During the ride the car will meet the tigers, lions and buffalo, which he will not come close. Or harm to tourists.

And cute deer I’m waiting for food. From tourists to the side of the car.

There are animal shows such as elephant show. Crocodile Hand Show And Maul birds show.

And cute things Do not milk Scout – leopard – lion close and with staff to take care.

Ticket prices


Adult 150 Baht Child 80 Baht (height not over 120cm)

(Children up to 3 years old will not be charged)

Foreigner Adult 450 Baht Child 250 Baht

Open daily from 9 am – 5 pm.

The Waterfall in North Carolina You Need to Visit

Sliding Rock is a 60-foot nature slider located within the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina that is fun for all ages.Sliding Rock is a popular summer destination so you will want to use these tips for your first visit.

Gas before you head to the Pisque National Forest.

I know this trick can seem pretty obvious. But we were so excited to visit the park and forget to stop in our way. We almost had to learn this lesson very hard when we walked into the garden with 1/4 of the gas tank. Fortunately, the Kia Cadenza 2017 We were driving a good mileage milestone and were pardoned for our incorrect redirects on the way to the Falls. We made it to a gas station with 14 miles to spare. But not without unnecessary stress and controversy.

Bring cash

Sliding Rock visits are $ 2-3 for sliders and observers during the high season and they do not use credit or debit cards (children 6 years and over).

Stop at Visitor Center first.

The Pisgah National Destroyer and Visitor Center is located 2 miles from the Bevard entrance. There are over 500,000 acres of surveyed land and you want to make the most of your visit. Take the opportunity to relax in the bathroom. I also recommend talking to the Rangers and asking for their information with your interest and time constraints. They are your best resource and they will show you everything on the map, which is good because your GPS is not perfect at all. I will share information about the hidden gems he later told us.

Go to Sliding Rock as fast as possible.

The maximum time is between 12-4 and parking can be filled quickly.

Wear what you do not think dangers.

Although the rock is flat. You can also take a swimsuit or shorts. The swimsuit of my young son tear a few days after he wears.

Wear shoes

You climb on a rock and walk to the Sliding Rock, which will give you a savory 50-60 degrees at first (I do not like cold water, and it’s still worth the money to do it). The most challenging of the natural waterslides are climbing the rocks at the back end to the observation deck. I recommend wearing water shoes or sandals with straps.

Bag pack

Make sure you bring the towel dry, sunscreen, snacks and drinks.

Look for nearby parking if Parking Sliding Rock is full.

Make sure you park your car in the parking area on the side of the road. It takes about 5 minutes to walk into the park. There is no roadside edge so you need to walk to one file and keep the baby nearby if you choose to park outside. Parking Sliding Rock

Take pictures and videos in shifts.

If you want to get photos and videos during your slide, I suggest changing so that you get a picture … unless you have someone in the party who does not want to. We also brought a waterproof camera for another view down the slide. I need pictures with phone But I was reluctant to risk losing it, so my husband and I turned down with our boy while the other took pictures and videos. There are two observation areas that are ideal for filming. My favorite part of being an observer is watching grandparents explode along the rocks.


There are security officers on duty in the winter. The security guard at the top will tell you when to go and have other lifeguards at the bottom to secure the bottom. All riders must face forward, sitting behind. Families with younger children tend to be closer to the railing of the pool, slower and shallower. (Children under the age of 7 must move with adults and life jackets are only allowed.) If you want more excitement, go to the opposite side with deep water about 7-8 feet.

You can slide all year round during the day, but lifeguards are on duty only during the peak season, ranging from 10-6.

Do not slide in the stormy or high tide and call the hotline for information on closing the latest date. 828-885-7625

Chase Waterfalls

Do not let the Pisgah National Forest stop by for some spectacular waterfalls on the way. Some of the waterfalls have a longer hike than others to take the bag and enjoy swimming at the bottom. If you have limited time, I would ask Park Ranger if you have the best choice … at Will make me …

Hidden Gem

Firefighters and firefighters volunteer to tell us about the Living Waters Ministry. I say the ministry is generous to people enjoying the waterfalls in their places. But they have a sign that they are private property, so if you get hurt, it’s you. You also need to park the side of the road.

If we have more time, we will stay longer. There are many waterfalls within a relatively short distance and even very small natural slides. One is away from the main back street.