Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi

Safari Park & ​​Camp, Kanchanaburi
Chill out Thailand2 Take a picture of the giraffes at the zoo Safari Park & ​​Camp, Bo Phloi, Kanchanaburi. Feed the giraffes closely from the tourist bus Safari Zoo. Scout milking And many activities.


The first open zoo in Kanchanaburi. And animal conservation. Learn how to live. Animals such as giraffes, elephants, zebras, camels, tigers, leopards, leopards, buffalo, elk, ostriches

Private car to visit the zoo. Or use the minibus. Of the zoo Which is free.

Animal Zone with 8 zones.

Zone 1, fancy florists.

Zone 2 Buffalo Bears

Zone 3 Blackbuck and the Sandpiper

Zone 4 Tiger

Zone 5 African Lions

Zone 6 Leopard

Zone 7 Indian Deer White Flower Emu Deer

Zone 8, Zebra Giraffe, Lama, Ostrich, and Flamingo.

The highlight of this is the only place in the world that can “hug the neck – take a photo with a giraffe” and feed the giraffe. From the bus tour Safari. Chic

Feeding – photography And touch the giraffe Very close.

The food of the giraffe is freshly squash. Put in a colorful plastic container is sold before the car. Take with you, do not forget to enjoy the course.

During the ride the car will meet the tigers, lions and buffalo, which he will not come close. Or harm to tourists.

And cute deer I’m waiting for food. From tourists to the side of the car.

There are animal shows such as elephant show. Crocodile Hand Show And Maul birds show.

And cute things Do not milk Scout – leopard – lion close and with staff to take care.

Ticket prices


Adult 150 Baht Child 80 Baht (height not over 120cm)

(Children up to 3 years old will not be charged)

Foreigner Adult 450 Baht Child 250 Baht

Open daily from 9 am – 5 pm.

Wat Mahathat Worawihan

Wat Mahathat Worawihan Located in Mueang District Phetchaburi Province It is an important temple in the history of art and archeology. There are important historic sites, namely the 5 prang prang, white tops, unique and beautiful. And have been with Phetchaburi city for a long time Inside the Grand Hall is a beautiful mural. And is an important Buddha image enshrined, Luang Phor Saksat, Mahathat Temple

When entering the temple, you will find the Phra Viharn Luang built in the late Ayutthaya period. The reign of His Majesty the King Gable area With that beautiful cement pattern Inside the Vihara, there is an important Buddha image, the principal statue of the King. There is also Luang Phor Saksat, Mahathat Temple, a Buddhist image of the Marang Chai Buddha statue, an 8-inch lap and a left hand carrying a fan. The villagers call it Luang Pho Wat Mahathat

In addition, inside the temple, all the walls have beautiful murals. Both allegory and thep Chumnum the gable decorated with stucco designs depicting Vishnu with Garuda Yud Nak There was another monkey carrying Garuda on the first floor. Kanok Pattern Background Kan Krok, a big tail-shaped bouquet of garuda in the shape of Garuda, the giant naga, etc. Luang Phor Sakut according to the history of King Mongkut (Rama 4), taken from an abandoned temple in Phetchaburi province Enshrined in the temple, Wat Mahathat Worawihan, Phetchaburi, when he was still ordained

Coffee shop in the rice field

Coffee shop in the rice field Still hot Which has already been seen in almost every province No, except Phetchaburi Province Which has a Ban Thung style coffee house called Nat Chom Coffee, located in a vast field With a long wooden bridge in the middle of the rice field A cottage by the rice fields to sit and relax In addition to having views of a verdant rice field There is also a sugar palm tree, which is a unique feature of Phetchaburi, as a backdrop to take pictures of the white egret that can be seen everywhere in the rice fields. Become the charm of a coffee shop in the middle of the field in the Phetchaburi style.

Natata Chom Coffee is located in Mueang Phetchaburi District. Slightly away from Phetchaburi town The shop is located on a country road near the rice field. When arriving, can park the car below or may park on the street. There is not much parking. The shop has many beautiful shooting angles. Starting with the name of the shop And the bridge over to the bathroom That rise above the wooden bridge in the middle of the rice field, corner translation swings for sitting and shooting Clay plays on a wooden bridge that stretches in the middle of the field. There are many cute shooting spots along the way. The sign for the scarecrow and the most liked is the corner of the hereditary egret. That has been photographed like birds flying around us