Koh Kaew Baroque

Koh Kaewphitdar If viewed from a high angle, it is a unique heart shaped small island. This is a beautiful beach and home to a monastery. The outstanding and interesting point is the location of the Buddha’s footprint, the golden Buddha image, and the Buddhist temple in which monks live here.It is considered a sanctuary, therefore there are many sea creatures and are still complete. It is another place that people in the area and tourists like to pay respects to the monk’s alms bowls and admire the beauty of the Andaman Sea. This island, traveling is not difficult by longtail boat, only 15 minutes from Rawai Beach.

Well known as Coral Island, it is a very popular place for people who are fascinated by the beauty of the sea and sea activities. Since it’s not far from Rawai Beach, just 10 minutes by speed boat In addition to Coral Island There are still nearby islands. Also known as Ban Kluay Beach, there are interesting sea activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, banana boat here. It is also home to the mermaids and fish counters. Hundreds of species and coral reefs complete. There is also a small restaurant and bar for chilling out.

Thai style locally Trad Trad Do not repeat it!

I have a good sea. Today we will take friends. Let’s go to the community. I do not know what to do. Each one is equally interesting. It is another eco-tourism in Thailand as well!
This trip we will go 3 days 2 nights departure from Bangkok. Head to Trat. It takes 5 hours to reach Trat. We want to know more than ever. So start this trip. “Trat City Museum”
The old town hall was renovated to showcase the history of Trat. The exhibition features the natural and cultural heritage of Trat province. Trat ethnic group show From past to present
Trat City Museum
Location: Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Mueang, Trat
Trad Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2zrWMy4

After visiting the Museum of Trat. It’s all right At lunch time. This is a cool shop.

Noodle Soup
Small shop that taste really not. Especially the noodles soup with custard. The customer has to order all the customers to become the source of the store.
Noodle Soup
Location: 14 Moo 4, Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Mueang, Trat, Trat, Thailand.
Tel: 087 133 2945
Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2xN6Kbq

Community of Ban Laem Klad
Ban Laem Klang Tourism Community More than 12,000 rai of mangrove forest.
Activities Community of Ban Laem Klad Learn how to make grapes or artificial seagrass. We will let the water into the nest for the young fish. This activity is the local fishermen’s wisdom that uses local materials in the area. To deal with the problem of marine resources.
Ban Laem Klad
Location: Tambon Laem Phrad, Amphoe Mueang Trat, Trat 23000
Contact us for more information: 080-191-3169 Adult Ravi, 089-095-1588 Khun Somnuk
Facebook: Ban Laem Klang Community Tour

Fishing Community
Go to the fisherman community. To visit the landscape of old houses on both sides of the wooden canal. And fishermen way
Learn how to make a traditional fishing boat.
Then take a boat to watch the mangrove forests, crabs, woods, clams, charcoal, see the fireflies, the habitat of the animals are very rich.
During the cruise. The twilight begins to light up. Get to know the nature is still abundant. When we return to the village, there is fresh seafood and local food awaiting us.
Activity Contact: 039-691-095 Tambon Administrative Organization, 087-136-6375 Mr.Mon

It’s time to travel to the sea resort resort is a beautiful new resort next to the sea, perfect for a holiday with lovers. And family very much.
Sea Breeze Resort
Location: Klong Yai District, Klong Yai, Trat
Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2N1ncdI
Tel: 061 662 6166
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meetthesea/

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Check out the hotel and head to Ao Yai. An agricultural learning resource. And life style with beautiful landscaping. And touch events Coconut House in Ao Yai
It is a good opportunity to grow coconuts themselves. “Early in Life”
Watch the demonstration of coconut. And scoop coconut with coconut grater. I do not know what to do. It’s going to be fun.
And coconut processing to menu. “Ancient Coconut Rice” is the local menu of the community of Ao Yai, he said that it was not to be missed.
This time we put together here. Only with coconut-based vegetarian menu, let’s try it. The menu is very strange but very delicious, such as curry chicken curry, coconut shell, eggplant and indispensable. “Coconut Rice Ancient” must be absolutely.
We know that coconut is good for us.

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Location: Ao Yai, Amphoe Mueang Trat
For more information, please contact: Pairoj Jindawong, 092-712-1119 Mr. Suwan Pornsathit

Baan Yai Moom
Continue to Baan Yai Moom It is a simple Muslim community. Walk the fisherman’s way of life. Come to know the mythical legendary granny.
The community offers ecotourism in the natural wonders of “Black Sand Beach”. Experience the spa, charcoal, coconut, bounce, treatment black sand. According to villagers beliefs to stimulate blood circulation. Relaxation muscles.
I have to visit. The cool thing about this place is that it is a unique menu of Yai Cham house.
We do not run out of money. To restore balance to natural resources. Life cycle is a hundred thousand.
Baan Yai Moom
Location: Ban Klang, Tambon Laem Ngop, Tambon Laem Ngob, Trat.
Community tour 600 Baht / person
From 9am to 3pm.
Activity Contact: 081-996-4388 Mr.Phammachai Booncham (Chairman of Yai Mohom Community Restoration Enterprise Group)

Viewpoint Laem Ngop
It is one of the most unforgettable spots that many tourists like to see and take pictures with the lighthouse on the east. If you come in the evening, this is a beautiful sunset.
Viewpoint Laem Ngop
Location: Laem Ngop District, Trat, Thailand
Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2zveGjw

Apply before bedtime. Sea food Fresh Seafood Restaurant The restaurant of Trat province is very delicious.
Sea food restaurant
Location: Laem Ngob, Trat
Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2Dtr0EY
Tel: 039-597084, 061-9899536.
Open daily: 09.00-22.00 (closed kitchen 21.00)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rimlaylaemngob/

Finish the dessert and then dessert. I do not miss that shop. “Bua Bua Ngai” view from the customer waiting queue is not playing it.
The restaurant has modest seating. The trick of this shop. Boiled eggs The meat is soft, the meat is soft, the egg is not too ripe. He’s really good
Boiled eggs
Location: This shop is located in the same alley as the hotel. Trat Center

Then it’s time to go. To stay at the Trat City Hotel
Trat City Hotel
Location: 411/17, Wang Krachaa Sub-district, Trat, Trad
Coordinates: https://bit.ly/2zuI1L0
Tel: 086 327 8171

Ban Tha Som Tourist
Depart from the morning heading to the community of Ban Tha Som. Watch the folk culture. And life of the villagers.
The white jade Buddha statue at Wat Tha Soms is another important measure in the temple. “The Cultural Center of Wat Tha Soms” is a source of knowledge that brings together old-fashioned utensils for the new generation to see the valuable antiques.
Ban Tha Som
Location: Moo 1 Ban Thaom, Tambon Tha So, Amphoe Khao Saming, Trat, Thailand.
CONTACT: 081-983-3533, 081-904-3899

People who have never tried a community-based tour, we recommend it because it gives us something we never did. Never knew much Get to know every corner of Thailand!

Thank you
Special Development Area for Sustainable Tourism Development (DASTA)
For more information, please contact 039-516-043, 083-587-3595.

View Chill view art. Cactus @ Hua Hin

The sea is hot, the sea, the rain, the sea … For those who love the sea. Asking which season to visit the sea to be good. The answer is that any season. The sea is charming all season. Each season is beautiful in the wind, the mood is not repeated, lonely, sad, fun, quiet, just sit quietly. Sea waves with the sky. Or sleep in the sound of the waves then it.
And if it talks about the sea near the first place, the people must go to Hua Hin and with it close. This trip is out of luck. We invite not to disagree. Less time saving So do not make long decisions, haha, and as I said, this trip was tossed around by friends, knowing nothing about the black background of the board. . But people do not know how to have a beautiful reality to another.
The good fortune (bad Haha) even though it was early morning, but the rain was on the road in Bangkok for a long time, so that the journey was delayed. So we thought that we should stay. Then come out to find something delicious. Outside But enough to get into love, turn the car into a turn to change.
This is a medium size resort. Beautiful tropical garden in the style of the father Bali style tropical style. There is a local but plain luxury luxury.
But stunned in beauty. Take a photo and forget to check in so the receptionist holds a welcome drink with a sweet smile. We walked by, but by the way.
Then he took his wallet into the room. There are 5 types of rooms, we sleep in the Terrace Suite Lagoon View, thanks to our choice of friends. This room has space for us to chill, bird watching the wood in the room. With a balcony stretching out to see the lagoon full of lotus.
Design is a small pavilion. View the scenery as well. But more interesting than that. All types of rooms are available with both indoor and outdoor showers.
The day we come here is a week, not a lot of people. We allowed the resort to open a different type of room to leave our friends to get in. If you are interested in traveling, then please pre-order. We offer Special Promotion at 5,050 Baht (except Presidential Villa Beachfront) from now until Loy Krathong 2018.
Junior Suite Pool View has an outdoor pool. You can open the back door to see the garden behind.
Private Pool Villa This room is moving up a bit. For those of you who like to spend a lot of space. I have a lot of air.
2 Bedrooms Private Pool Villa Twin room, built-in pool Suitable for a gang. I like to drink lightly, but it’s a small gang but quality.
Presidential Villa Beachfront This room is haw Beach front Swing swing with a view like a bird.
This is my first post. The first is to go out to find something delicious for lunch. But now change your mind. It’s good to be in here to go out, why waste time. Then go to lunch at lunch. The food is good.

Kampu Restaurant, originally known as the popular Byzantine restaurant, is a great place to dine. The authentic Thai food. To fusion food. Then let’s try it.
La Tiang (Thai) Delicious Thai food But the mouth of us to easily eat a lot of soft and tender taste of pork and shrimp. The toppings are sweet and sour, so delicious!

Miang Kham (the word of the palace) snack appetizer is not unusual. It comes from the leaves of the tree that the resort planted itself. I have a side dish. Filled with taste. Sweet and sour in a single word.

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Cheese Galette This dish is a vegetarian menu that looks like a pizza, but the taste is quite different. Because the sheets are crispy. Put the tomatoes and sprinkle the top of the beans. Eat time Will sour But when eating with a good taste of the sauce.

Char Grilled Octopus This dish is easy to understand. It’s a giant squid roast. He will bring the giant octopus to boil for 24 hours, then roast until cooked and then topped with special sauce. Eat with fresh vegetables.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad Mediterranean Tuna Salad Tuna slices thick and soft red. Bring it to Grill and mix with spices. Serve with Mediterranean side dishes. How delicious do you have to try it?

Salmon Mi-Cuit and Heirloom Beets. This menu is a signature menu. And the menu we like very much. In addition to the creations at the time of service, there is smoke floating out. The food is delicious and refreshing. Fresh mood I have a taste of croissants, chewy soft, not too fat, too.

Let’s see the dessert of the bakery top. The signature menu here. This looks like better than Chocolate Caramel Delice, Mascarpone Orange – Honey Milk and Swiss Carrot Cake.

Enjoy refreshing drinks like Summer Fresh Chamomile Ice Tea and Lemon Lights & Kaffir Ice Tea.

Chocolate Hour is available from 15.00 – 16.00 hrs. For a full hour of premium Chocolate Chocolates. The day we went this was very lucky. It’s a day when he has a gold-plated chopped 12,000 won for a tasting! Eat not to be afraid of fat. Go home to cut!

Take a look at the bird watching. The area is spacious, but it is covered with small trees, making it easy to walk. There are several zones to choose from. It’s good to be with you as a lover – a close friend – a small family. I love to come to respect you, I will take it.

Ocean Bar, Pool Bar, Sea View I have two emotions.

Emerald Pool Pool with beautiful sea views. There are children pool. And adults pool

Little Bird Club For those who like bird watching. Amidst a lush tropical garden

Kids Club to catch the little ones, let’s get naughty in this. With creative activities. Good play.

Asara Spa & Fitness Or exercise sweat to sweat all day.

The Library Library for readers who can sit and soak in private reading.
The atmosphere is very private. It may not be suitable for a party. Have you heard? If we are tired, walk to the forest. So here it is for those who want to relax in private. And the power to life truly.
Recommend Asara Spa The only spa with Himalayan thermal therapeutic massage is Himalayan salt with a variety of important minerals that help in. Relaxation Tension of skin by imported from the Himalayas. The only place in Hua Hin. And only in Thailand.
Let your daughter go to the spa for half an hour. It’s cold enough to fit in. I went back to the bath room to find something to put on the stomach for dinner. And do not go out again as ever. Just step away from the resort’s beachfront. Baan Dum Beachfront Seafood.
Originally, Black House Restaurant The old wooden house is over 100 years old. The wood is black from the beginning, but now it has been renovated into a Thai restaurant. And more beautiful than it is open for the people who want to taste Thai and Western food in the atmosphere close to the sea.
The menu that we order is a Thai food. By the way. Baked Pineapple – Crab Egg Crab – Crab Curry Paste – Herbal Fried Fish – Fried Shrimp Crab – Fried Black Pepper Crab
We are a dessert. The giant mango sticky rice, which taste all inclusive, all through the menu. And all of us fell into the stomach, we bowl a bowl.
End your night with a great Mocktail at the Ocean Bar and here we have the Leelawadee signature drink on the edge of the glass with chili salt. Under the concept of fruit cart. Strange and delicious to me.
This night we will have to finish at the Ocean Bar …. because I want to sit and enjoy the sea breeze to drink to hear the sound of the night. What are you talking about? I have to go to bed with my girlfriend in the bedroom. Then I wake up to see the sunrise tomorrow.

Wow! Before we start cocking again. Because the resort says that this is a spot of beautiful sunrise in Hua Hin. Is it really so? This is not the first time I’ve seen this. But still enough to keep the beautiful picture to see it. I do not think that’s the case.
After sitting in front of the beach for more than 7 hours before breakfast time. Breakfast is in front of the beach. Today’s Wind The buffet is a lot of dazzling. Thai, Chinese, Chinese, fruits are also graded. Bakery is a lot to choose not quite right.
Let’s say that breakfast here is very good, we will pay attention even though we will be on weekdays, guests will be a little bit. But the resort is also full size impressed GG.
After a long day, I went back to my room to relax. Prepare to leave the house of gold sand. We have a lot of things to do. Sip a cool drink. I want to spend time with myself. With this atmosphere fully absorbed.

It’s a big deal. I will be back again because many work to find many free time. But promising that for her Movenpick, we will find time to come back for sure.

Coordinates: 53 Hua Hin Soi 5, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Phone: 032 520 777
Facebook: Mövenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin

Art Gallery – Artist House
I do not have enough time to go to the art. As soon as it arrives here, why is it so much fun! Art Gallery – Artist House This house is the mother line to come! Do not miss the art! And open it for 18 years, do not want to believe that this is how we missed it. I can not wait for my friend, but I do not eat before lunch. (Girlfriend reminded)
The side of the artist’s house There is a large pond and a place. Kitchen artist This restaurant is frequented by people. The food is spicy and there are many menus to choose from. Many dishes are so many that I did not order it all Thai food, western food is not large, the price is not good atmosphere, we ordered it almost did not eat it!
And in the same zone. Kitchen artist Take a walk through the wide terrace to Baan Sillapin Art & Cafe. Chic coffee shop with art deco style with a wide range of beverages. Coffee – Fresh milk – Soft drinks – Soy milk – Soda cream To ice cream – bakery and snacks.
Who wants to have the back of the handler. There is an art souvenir zone. Back to top
After eating and refreshed with dark coffee. It’s time we waited. But first, we have to pay for the cost of 40 baht per person (40 .- / 20 children). Price is the same for both Thai and foreigners. Yes What is this? The answer is worth the garden for the place is not enough.
why? Because of love in art. And the intention to bring Thai art to the world. And to continue the art to children generations. We have a chance to talk to her. One of the founders of this artist village. Mrs. Chumphon Don Sakul was originally the owner of this land for the continuation of art, with his older sister and teacher Tawee Kaew Ngam as president of the World Watercolor Society of Thailand.
Inside, there will be a large art gallery showcasing Master’s paintings. And a small studio that showcases the works of 30 artists who created their works here. The small studio. This will be distributed as a maze. I do not know.
I love art. I do not know if it’s a good idea. This class is praiseworthy. Do not be jealous.
For those who are interested to visit the arts. See the art of art. I would like to take the children to practice painting skills in the water that they like to play in the play because it has a lot of equipment to play a lot of cloth, dolls, t-shirts, masks, umbrellas, bags, cloth, play value. I was very young kid 100.- 150.- adults to play back to show off at home. And if luck will meet her brother. And teacher National artists like us.
Art Gallery – Artist House
Coordinates: 81/14 Hua Hin 70 Rd., Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm Closed Monday
Phone: 08 7047 7125
Facebook: Art Village Hua Hin AVH House Artist Hua Hin

Vanilla Factory
I’m not impressed with the artist village. But the next destination has already begun. Ask a friend to tell me to take to eat Cactus Bay! Actually! Is it possible to eat? I do not think it’s a good idea.
Drive to the Vanilla Factory, it’s a good cake shop. Is the cake made of cactus? I’m recruiting But what? Then come to see each other.
This shop is open for 2 years, is a shop with a great Eureka The color of the shop is perfect. I do not know why. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable with a small cactus garden. Decorated with a sit at the restaurant. It’s not hard to find a cactus garden that is close enough to walk around. Cactus Cake !!
Cactus cake is lovely, but we do not dare eat it, it’s cute. I like to take pictures before I wash.
Sweet cactus cake This is a very difficult to say. Because it will take time to be classified as a craft that it is. But we have to destroy it within 1 minute to get it. Because love is always accompanied by the always delicious.
And do not mistake it very tasty. Cake Smooth Cream is good and not greasy eaten. Just one lure to 3 Cups! The price is 100 baht if you want to taste. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
And another menu of baked goods to recommend Bubble Waffle with Icecream. Cool ice cream in soft waffles, served with whipped cream. And fresh fruit if you like sweet, then pour syrup into it. I do not know.
Must be here. Blue Hawaii Italian Blue Soda. But secretly full of fruit. And color jelly. Watermelon ice cream embroidery to another Oh
Finally, let’s stop for a drink at Caramel Macchiato. I like to look like it.
Who would like to have a delicious cake with two delicious coffee and bakery in Hua Na 112, this restaurant is your grandmother. The Vanilla Factory is located under the condominium building. If you see candy colored buildings. Turn the car into a park in it.
Vanilla Factory
Coordinates: 1/171 Soi Khao Takiab, Nong Kae, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 21.00 hrs. Closed on Tuesdays

Phone: 09 4552 4958
Facebook: Vanilla Factory Huahin

It is very difficult but easy to use this trip. It’s a little time but it’s a very good quality trip. It seems to be hard to drive, but it’s a place to stay, a place to visit, a chic cafe, each of which is in the same zone that Hua Hin … How many times are you impressed me?