Khao Wang, Khao Luang Temple

Think of the tourist routes of Phetchaburi Not Cha-am Beach, Khao Wang, Khao Luang Temple, Chao Samran Beach, Sheep Farm. What else can you think of? Which indicates that Phetchaburi is still a sugar plantation, rice fields, salt fields, fresh seafood at an affordable price Delicious dessert These things have been with Phetchaburi for a long time. That wants you to try come to experience the Petchburi style, in the neighborhood of Bang Tabun, Ban Laem, and in the zone along the Muang District that guarantees 1 day get up to dress up handsome Out of that house, you can eat, travel, take photos, be satisfied, have a stomach to go home, Have fun, not lose anywhere.

The indispensable menu is steamed blue crabs, well-diced lamb, priced at 680 baht per kilogram. Have had 800 kilo each. There is a period when the crab is less. Large size, firm texture, large amount, eat 3 people more than enough, other menu has A large boiled cockle is good enough to cook. Crab-fried rice, middle dish, full of crab meat. Coconut milk curry Stir Fried Prawns with Salt and Chili Fried Egg Squid Crab pickled eggs that the eggs come in are very full.

Panyee Island

Another landmark of Panyee Island is the football field that floats on the water. And the scenery behind the hill and the small island in the sea, which the British website of the Metro, posted a short article on 11 June 2012, admiring the beauty of the floating football field, Ko Panyee Island and giving this football field to be one of the scenery that The most beautiful in the world The Panyee Island football field is built on ideas from fishermen on the island because there is not enough land on the ground to make a football field. Or have to wait to play football on the sandy beach at low tide, in which there is only one chance in a month during the waning months when the sea is very low, so this football field was built For children Have a field to use Initially built from wooden boards and ropes, but now has been transformed into a more robust field.

On the island of Panyi, most people are engaged in local fishery. As well as there are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the island. Is a place that tourists from all over the world come to visit See a souvenir shop for sale, such as products from shells, batik, necklaces, bracelets, rings made from mother-of-pearl, and there are other products such as shrimp chili paste. Shrimp paste and is a resting point for eating Tourists tend to come to have lunch at Ko Panyi. Which has many restaurants at the pier But personally, after seeing the price of food and being shocked, the price is higher than on the bank and after tryin g the food, I think that the taste is in the middle level, it should be better to carry it on the side.

Phang Nga Bay Another popular

Cruise to Phang Nga Bay Another popular activity is Where we will get a view of Phang Nga Bay that will make us get excited with the rocky cliffs and strange shaped islands See the large area of ​​natural mangrove forest which is the largest mangrove forest in Thailand today. The area of ​​the national park consists of around 42 large and small islands lined by the waters of mangrove forests such as Hong Island, Panyee Island, Khao Ping Kan, Khao Tao Island, Koh Tao Island, Phra Athao Island, Boi Noi Island, Ko Yai Yai Island, Raya Ringing Island, and Ko Phak Island.
A boat trip to Phang Nga Bay may be purchased from a tour company in Phuket or Phang Nga, which accounts for a package of around 1 thousand ups (including 1 meal) or renting a boat from the pier to travel by ourselves, which we assume. The boat trip itself is worthwhile, and we can also customize the schedule for how long we will be in each location. The most convenient and nearest port is the customs port. Located in Takua Thung District Use the same route as Ao Phang Nga National Park, just a little from the office of the national park. You can board the boat directly at the pier. There are many boats parked. Prices are 1-8 people, 1,200 baht, 8-20 people, 2,000 baht, 20-40 people, 4,500 baht. The half-day tourist route takes around 3-4 hours. The stops are Khao Poo Ju, Tham Lod, Tapu Khao Ping Kan ( If wanting to go up the island to see Khao Tapu and Khao Phing Kan Need to pay an extra 60 baht) Ko Panyee

.currently found, namely Phra Phra Athaet, Khao Nak Nak, He Raya and Khao Khao, but what we see is that he writes is the only one he writes on the route. Tourism of the park In the Mueang Phang Nga district area Which is the nearest and is a way through which we can easily visit other spots He wrote limestone in the Phang Nga Bay near Ko Panyee. In the form of a stone shelter that was concave into the limestone cliffs of his The color paintings appear in the indentations and along the cliffs of the cliffs on the east side of the mountain, clearly visible when passing by boat. The image that appears on the wall consists of people, aquatic animals such as fish, dolphins, crabs, terrestrial animals such as birds, monitor lizards, and people and objects. And images of some objects that look strange Including some symbol images as well