SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival, a snow festival that is surrounded by mountains and streams

SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival เทศกาลหิมะที่ถูกโอบล้อมไว้ด้วยภูเขาและสายน้ำ
Tell a good experience Come and tell everyone to meet again with this romantic festival next year.
SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival takes place from a waterfall that has become frozen into a large ice cube. When impacting the light that splashes a variety of colors As if we were sucked into a fairy tale world

In the air-7 degrees, but people are happy to be able to watch this festival In the festival, besides having lights, lights and colors to be viewed and taken together There are also snow slides to play as well. Which is a very fun activity And do not miss all things


Another highlight of this snow festival is the snow cave that penetrates into the path. With the inside of the cave having lights and lights Causing this snow cave to be a picture of the colors of the white snow.


On the day that we went, couples also arranged wedding ceremonies in the snow festival. This is a very romantic moment. There is a fireworks in the snow festival on this wedding day. Anyone who wants to have this kind of experience can come and contact the event next year.


And finally, it can be considered as the Hidden Gem of the SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival. That is, the sake bar made of ice is something that is very amazing. Who is cold? Can not bear to sip hot sake. In this bar, it is considered to be very helpful.



Overall, SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival is considered a small snow festival. But there is a special place in the location that is located between the mountains and the river Can be called a natural view that is hard to find


Next year, if anyone wants to experience the snow festival We recommend that this place is very good. Not too busy With beautiful nature The most important is romance too.


In the travel section You can take a ride from the Jubu Centrair International Airport and get off at Asahikawa and continue to ride in Kamikawa. Winter next year, invite people to come and visit the snow festival.

Icebreaker Aurora, the magic of Hokkaido

ล่องเรือตัดน้ำแข็ง Aurora ความมหัศจรรย์แห่งฮอกไกโด

Here, there is a tourist activity that is a tempting thing for us to come and experience by ourselves, that is the Aurora Ice Breaker.

The Aurora ice cruise is a popular tourist activity in Abashiri. Large ice sheets float in the sea from Russia and this giant Aurora will run through the giant ice sheets. This goes Is a very wonderful picture The best time to visit this giant ice sheet is from January to March every year.
But every trip has a disappointing and fulfilling story, always mixed together Because during our journey, the officer informed that the ice sheets floating in the sea had completely disappeared. Leaving only the vast sea that we can see But at this stage, it will not be able to retreat, therefore, we will bring the atmosphere and impression of the Aurora boat ride out into the O-Sea. Come to everyone

Starting the journey, a large Aurora boat will be waiting for us at the pier. In the boat there will be a total of 3 floors. The upper floor is a deck. And the two floors below will be the Indore zone, allowing tourists to sit and avoid the cold winds and watch the water closely.


But recommend that you come to visit all the time, should take a breath of fresh air above the deck See the beauty of the two routes along the route. On the way there will be many tame and friendly seagulls. Swooping to show us for a while


In addition, what we have returned to replace the ice sheets that melt away is the beautiful and vast sea view. The blue waters intersect with the distant horizon. It’s a really special time. That has been here


This trip takes about 1 hour to sit and chill and enjoy. Views of the sea of ​​Japan Just now


If anyone has a chance to visit Hokkaido, try to lock the target to check in at Abashiri. See here to make you impressed at first sight.