Khanom Nakhon

I have heard a city that does not rotate time. A small town full of charms. Lanna culture mixed with neighbor culture. This is a unique place.

“Lampang” is one that has never been to or through the province. I’ve heard a long time ago. This is my chance to bring myself through. From Phrae to Lampang to Lampang to the destination is “Chiang Mai”, but I decided to visit the charm of Lampang before even a little time.

Loei Dream Destination

Phu Ruea Phu Kradueng is considered one of the peak to visit. I have to conquer it once in my life. Each year, many tourists come to Loei. Travel around the area such as Chiang Khan, Phu Kradung Phu Kradueng, Phu Loon, so that the atmosphere in the city is quite quiet, as the center of the province’s main transportation.

This time we would like to recommend a place to say that it is beautiful, not far away from the city. Here is the sunrise. And a beautiful morning mist. In the evening, we can also watch the sunset and the night view of the city that is lit up instead. It is also very suitable if you want to try to grow up. And the availability of the body before the real field. The place we are talking about is. “Phu Bo Twisted Forest Park”

Centennial House Coffee A chic coffee shop

Centennial House Coffee A chic coffee shop decorated in vintage style, located in Phetchaburi city. Adjacent to the inbound side of the road, in Bangkok, opposite to Muang Phet Hospital. The inside of the shop is decorated with antique collections of old grandfather Grandma that is hard to find The shop is a 100-year old 2-story wooden house that the owner renovated and renovated to be the closest to the original house. The shop is open-air, open to all the wind. The ground floor is a coffee shop selling food and beverage menus and the second floor is a sitting corner. Including the storage of old things