True love … Don’t leave Lee Tong.

รักจริง...อย่าทิ้ง อีต่อง
On the hillside that has been modified into a helicopter park The cold wind and dazzling fog covered the morning. From this point, you can admire the mountains that surround the village in the middle of the Thai-Burmese landscape, which everyone wants to come to enjoy the fresh air, experience the beautiful peaceful life in the small village.

“Koh Lipe”, the most bang sea, clear water, fascinated

“เกาะหลีเป๊ะ” ทะเลสุดปัง น้ำใส ปิ๊ง ปิ๊ง

Inviting to the island for 2 days 1 night at “Lipe” Satun Province with a relaxing trip on a small island south of the Andaman Sea. With the beauty of the clear blue sea Soft white sand And abundant nature waiting for everyone to experience


After leaving Tarutao National Park Continue traveling for about 30 minutes. This time we reach the second stop, which is “Khai Island”. Here are some highlights to go to. “Through the stone arch” which the villagers believe that Any lover has passed through the stone arch Will fulfill in love Happy in the life of a long-time love and have children full of children, grandchildren, full of cities


Blue Tree Phuket, Review of the ocean simulating crystal clear water And a full set of water sports equipment

Blue Tree Phuket รีวิวมหาสมุทรจำลองน้ำใสราวกับคริสตัล และเครื่องเล่นทางน้ำจัดเต็ม

Going to jump and play at Blue Tree Phuket? Newly opened water park that is unique like no other. Designed to resemble the ocean The water in the pool is clear and clean with world-class technology. It is known as the Crystal Ocean. Today Sanook travel will take everyone to explore that in Blue Tree Phuket there is something very interesting.