Why Budapest May Be One The Best Cities In Europe For Travellers

Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe. But being called one of the best cities or the best city for travelers is a big deal. So I think it would be nice to explain the thought process behind this. I look forward to inviting you to visit Budapest.

I’ve been to Budapest 3 times and spent over a month living there while writing this story (16/12/15).

In fact, I’m writing this in a lovely little cafe in Budapest’s 7th Bar / Restaurant. But that’s not the information associated with this post. Well, except that they have some of the best coffee in town that make me focus on writing this.

Sometimes you know I miss a post that people may be interested in reading. I have started to like doing more private posts, I enjoy them. Do not post personal comments.

Hey, maybe some of the ideas and ideas I have about the place may be similar to yours, and if you know my thoughts at least a bit, then there is a very high chance that you will like what I like.

That is why I think I will do this post for you in case you are traveling or looking for a vacation holiday town to visit if you are in Europe.

However, bla bla bla I will get why I think Budapest is perfectly suited to be the best city in Europe for travelers.

Should I say that I have visited almost all European countries, including all capital cities in the country, so I am qualified to give my opinion about European cities. Well maybe not much. But we will say at least enough power.

Okay, i’m an expert

Naturally, this post is just a comment. Everyone has different tastes and every city has something to offer. Almost good – sorry Oslo, you shit I tried you out 2 times and you did not do anything to sense my city. But the Norwegians are scary. But your beer is absolutely crazy!

Once you’re in the area, you can visit some great cities, such as Prague and Vienna.

Budapest !!!!

Why hell come to love Budapest and recommend it to travelers.

Well, before coming here is the 3rd time I live in Kiev in Ukraine, one of my favorite cities in Europe. For various reasons, hot girl is one of them. I am a simple bachelor, I can say just say it is that.

If there are other things in my blog, I want to be honest with you, there is always nothing to hide in the way you can trust what I have to say about things. Call me a real blogger.

My original plan was to visit a friend in Amsterdam for a week and then return to Keating. But I decided to travel back to Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

Budapest stopped me in my music.
It’s easy to like places based on your company there. But Budapest is more than just meeting some interesting people. Although there are plenty of them.

No special Budapest for many reasons.

I should say most of Budapest is on the hill, with old buildings on the hill lighting up at night.

Many European cities have fairytale paintings, such as Prague Castle. But Budapest is up there with the best.

Budapest is separated by one river called Buda and the other Pest. The side of Budapest is a more affluent area with its old buildings, but Pest is a cooler area.

Richer pussy I like Pest better but hey, I like to chill and get a good feel and Buda for me is just a beautiful building story.

On the other hand, there is a very cool bar / restaurant scene in the Jewish Quarter. It’s one of the lively and funniest areas in the city I’ve been to in Europe. All bars and restaurants are close by, so it’s easy to get around them.

It is also famous for its ruins. The “Ruins”, which are housed in a historic building that transforms into some of the epic party venues.

Some funky bars in District 7

Yes, Berlin also has bars and great club scenes. But do not forget that we add everything that makes the city great for travelers.

There is also live music everywhere in the bar, which is hard to come by in other cities such as Amsterdam.

One of the best things of course is the shower room spread out all over. In the middle of town, you have a natural mineral bath, some of which are located in beautiful historic buildings like Gellert Baths.

Have you had a tough party in District 7? Then head to one of these mineral baths and soak for 4-5 hours and get all the crap out of your system. I called sweat vodka ?

Until you are unfortunate enough to try a local spirit drink called palinka, in which case this is called palinka puking session Ughhh!

Oh, this is great for travelers I know. If you’ve been to London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc., even Prague, then come to Budapest is a real pleasure.

It’s really cheap.

This post is for travelers arriving in Budapest. For local people is a different story.

A 0.5 liter beer in the cheap bar around District 7 will bring you back another 1 cent 30 cents. Soprani is the best local beer in my opinion. Give it a try.

Now beer is no way close to Brussels, Prague and so on, but it is enough.

You can culture and go to the opera. Hell I did not go to the opera in my life, but Budapest apparently has one of the best opera houses in the world and is reasonably priced again compared to London, etc.

Yes i go to opera How is it? Beautiful building for inspection. But seriously Partly because “Modern Opera”

It makes me laugh too. I went out and drank beer for 10 minutes back and asked my friend what I missed. She replied that the man walked slowly down the stairs and that was it. I do not think she’s teasing her.

Opera yeah

But I will go to Opera again to look more traditional and give it another chance.

Beautiful opera
Beautiful opera

However, while I tend to do, I have turned into a villain – seriously.

Cheap Kobe – 1 Euro 50 Cent

Good pizza, 70 cents euro

Some amazing soups for only 1 euro 80 cents from a gastro chef at the famous small restaurant called Bors in District 7. If you go to Budapest, check out for sure.

Most bars / clubs around District 7 are free to enter and have fun dancing floors or live music.

Someone you can go out and spend all if you do right.

Of course, if you head to the club and start pounding the picture, then what would be more pricey? But that’s the same everywhere in the world, and it’s still cheaper than the more expensive cities.

A warm bath will give you back about 15 Euro, but you can stay in them for as long as you want. You can do 12 hours of heat if you feel like it!

Although your skin will dissolve after that. Steam roomplace
See the map See Budapest?

Terrible place!

Head north and to Slovakia / Poland and Czech Republic to Prague.

Head south and from the Balkans / Romania.

Head west and you have the Croatian coast and the Alps in Austria and Switzerland.

Head to the east and the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine waiting for you, along with a reservoir with more heat hiding.

You have everything you need.

This is another part of the reason I can live in Budapest, in a great place to watch and do things around.

Small but powerful
But yes size

The city is quite large, suitable for strolling around the world. In this way, you can see more cities and save transportation costs.

The city is the best way to go. If you are lazy lazy
It is also unique in that there are no modern tall buildings.

Now I like big cities like Tokyo. In fact, Tokyo is my favorite city in the world. However, it is good to have a medium-sized city like Budapest with the charm of the old school without much modernization.

It is a beautiful city to photograph as well, especially at night. You can spend many hours walking around in shooting missions.

I have new lenses for my camera while in Budapest and are very happy using this as a city to get a good feel for it.