Siam coffee@Si Sa Ket

กาแฟสยาม ฟินคัก ๆ คนฮักบ้านเกิด @ศรีสะเกษ

Anyone traveling to Si Sa Ket province and looking for a cozy coffee shop, “Mr Wai Aoi” would like to recommend Siam coffee shop, a small shop located not far from the city of Sisaket Plus, the shop owner also has a degree to barista, winning national awards as well.


It is not easy to get each cup of coffee. Because here he is careful in every step of making coffee really From the selection of coffee beans Emphasizing the use of Thai coffee beans as the main thing Doi Chang Coffee and Pang Khon Blend, Loei Coffee and Uthai Thani Blend In addition to Thai coffee, there are also Ethiopian blends for coffee necks. The shop also roasted coffee beans with an efficient roasting machine. In order to get the desired quality


With the style of decoration that is simple, comfortable to look at Plus the aroma of the roasted coffee itself makes it feel finer and smoother with the taste of the caramel espresso menu Sweet and bitter, combining the aroma of Doi Chang Pang Khon Blend coffee beans and adding sweetness with caramel and meticulousness in every brewing process from the national barista championship

In addition to coffee, there are dai fuku snacks that are soft and tender. Plus a soft, smooth filling with 3 flavors, whether it is red beans, stir-fried green beans and green tea The more you eat with fresh coffee Or hot matcha green tea Even more


At Siam coffee shop, there is not only good coffee. But also allows villagers to bring their own products for sale, whether it be shallots, garlic, etc., can be called Is a coffee shop of hometown lovers

Anyone who passes through Sisaket Province, don't forget to visit the aromatic coffee. Stop taking chic selfies. Let's show off Tasting both the delicious coffee and also getting souvenirs to give back to your loved ones as well.